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    [{"OnPlayerAction":{"Actions":[{"Action":"Place","Query":{"Item":"Stone Road"}}],"Result":{"Condition":[{"Condition":{"OnProperty":"MainRoad"},"Result":{"Allocate":{"Amount":{"Constant":1},"Currency":"Mithril"}}},"Allow"]}}},{"OnPlayerAction":{"Actions":[{"Action":"Pick Up","Query":{"Item":"Stone Road"}}],"Result":{"Condition":[{"Condition":{"OnProperty":"MainRoad"},"Result":{"Tax":{"Amount":{"Constant":1},"Currency":"Mithril"}}},"Allow"]}}},{"OnPlayerAction":{"Actions":[{"Action":"Place","Query":{"Item":"Stone Ramp"}}],"Result":{"Condition":[{"Condition":{"OnProperty":"MainRoad"},"Result":{"Allocate":{"Amount":{"Constant":2},"Currency":"Mithril"}}},"Allow"]}}},{"OnPlayerAction":{"Actions":[{"Action":"Pick Up","Query":{"Item":"Stone Ramp"}}],"Result":{"Condition":[{"Condition":{"OnProperty":"MainRoad"},"Result":{"Tax":{"Amount":{"Constant":2},"Currency":"Mithril"}}},"Allow"]}}}]

    This is exported. If i try to import it the server simply crash.

    Yes, but it happened when i updated this mod. I used it and all other nods before and we had no problem. There was no update on the other mods

    Hi! It looks like the last update bugged the Stores - im no longer able to add skill scrolls to the store. Can someone confirm that?

    I wouldn't say that it is a bug. After first load the config is written with the value of 1. And you'll find a subdirectory named users whre your userid is saved. Next time you login you don't get additional stars. If you delete the file you'll get the value of stars of the config file.
    Maybe it's a good idea to rollout a config with the value 1 and the user can change that value. But I've no problem with the mod so far.

    that would mean i have to delete it for every new player that will join?

    I found a bug. If u change to config to 1 you get no bonus star (only the star u have without the mod), but if u change to 2 you get 2 extra stars (sum of 3).

    You can do so in the worldgeneration file, you can set the percentage you want for the different types of ores, you will need to generate new world offcourse.

    Thats not what i asked. The mod turns sandstone rubble into iron ore. But it has a 100% chance to do this. I asked for a probability (for example 20% chance).

    If you choose the Lucky Breaking talent it always transforms sandstone to iron ore! It would be great to add a config to adjust the probability of getting ore instead stone.


    Is it possible to disable or modify recipies? I added the Garbager mod and want to disable the orginal Asphalt Road recipe or make it more expensive.

    Thx for helping!