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  • I got some requests that maybe are interesting for your mod.

    • /afk command
      A player can use this command to mark himself as afk. Sends a global message "<player> is afk". Maybe change hover Info from player etc.
    • /tpa <player>
      Do not teleport to a player directly. Send him a request.
      He can use /tpaccept or /tpdeny to response the teleport request.
      If teleport is accepted teleport player.
    • /tpahere <player>
      Similar to /tpa but this will invite the player to teleport to the user, that used this command.
      (Other direction than /tpa)
      More information:

  • I have been wanting to do the request system for a while, perhaps it's about time to go ahead with this idea.

    But, I don't like /tpahere as this may be used to bypass the daily allowed limit ;)


  • Give the tphere it's own limit so you can invite a person to tp to you only set amount of times, a user whom has been invited shouldn't be charged for that, also maybe adding a /back potion to return where you was before the tphere, and have this one just charge callaries as it would only work to return to the place before the tphere?

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  • ClayC updated [plain]Clay's Toolkit[/plain] with a new update entry:

    [plain]Evolving your server.[/plain]


    With many requests for new features, we have selected the very best, some of them from a long time ago. This version includes the following new features:

    • Teleportation requests
    • Automatically kick AFK players

    And a bug has also been squashed, which makes the tokens now be usable by right clicking on them anywhere, even in chests.

    Keep the ideas flowing, I'll keep implementing for you! :)

    Much love,

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  • I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I have Tailor but it's still saying it's still required, is this just they way you added that or is it a bug or have
    I got it confused what I need?

    Does the flag give you anything part from your logo?

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  • @chacki I will adding more to the afk monitor, currently it looks for roatation and position, but I need to monitor more things soon, 3.1.1 should have adjustable timer and should be smarter in detecting afk players, more feedback about this feature will be necessary to understand what needs to be updated / considered into the algorythm

    @Rexzooly my bad, I forgot to include a fix for this by 3.1.0, I will add it in 3.1.1, thanks for reminding me! :)
    But to answer your question, CTK Flag allows you to collect the daily without having to write the command ;)

  • Hi! - Thanks :)
    You may consider to turn upt the default time then - the server i am playing now updated yesterday and now we get kicket just if we want to sort our chests. I am eaven not able anymore to get coffee without getting kicked :P
    Btw - it is also not the best if you may wait on your daily reward (you have to log in for at least 30 min there)
    Is it possible to configurate the afk time? - so i'll just let the admin know ;)
    Thanks for your work, Regards

  • @chacki Grabbing coffee does mean you are afking :P but none the less, afk timer will be configurable by next update, I am also working on adding mouse tracking into the equation, so if you're sorting a chest, it will see you as active and not afk.

    As for the daily timer, This was done on purpose, I have seen many people login, collect daily and logout. Such behaviour should never reward the player anything. Therefore they must be logged in for 30mins. With the afk monitor, they also now will not be able to login, afk for 30mins, collect and logout ;)

    I hope you understand that the toolkit is not there to just reward anyone, but to reward and promote active playing in the game, being a part of the server you play on :)

    I might update the daily to make the timer adjustable by the admin. This way servers can alter to suit their players better.


  • Well i am 100% with you with that.
    I just wanted you to inform because sometimes i keep watching the projects to finish on any table if they are needed as fast as possible.
    But if the mouse will be tracked it will become perfect :)
    Thank you!

  • ClayC updated [plain]Clay's Toolkit[/plain] with a new update entry:

    [plain]AFK Monitor Stability and more[/plain]


    With the AFK Monitor, issues were raised quickly, and we responded as quickly as possible, this releases offer a better afk checking mechanism, configuration and more! Please find the list of changes below:

    • AFK Monitor checks have been increased and it's now more reasonable in booting.
    • AFK Monitor now allows you to set after how long it should boot the player /afk-timer [Minutes]
    • AFK Monitor can be switched on or off using /afk-on /afk-off respectively.
    • AFK Monitor now...

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  • Due to the issue that has risen in 7.3.0 for the tokens, the toolkit was briefly enabled on the website, however, I had to take it down as tokens are unusable right now.

    Please be patient while CTK and SLG get this functionality fixed and we'll be ready to roll out!


  • I have it installed on my server, is there any chance of it causing any issues if I keep it installed and simply update it when the fixed version is released?

    You may have noticed that tokens are unusable right now, this is the main issue, everything should run smoothly though. But since tokens are a main part of the rewarding system, we have decided not to go with the update until it's fixed.

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