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  • Hello,

    I've recently gotten into Eco and have been messing around with the world generation and have gotten some interesting results. I'm sorta looking for a specific world gen but have yet to completely perfect it yet. Then I got to thinking what do others go for when making their worlds?

    What size do you have your world gen at?
    Do you disable anything like plateaus, and or rivers?
    Do increase their sizes or decrease them?
    Do you increase world height or lower it?
    Anything else done to your world config?

    My current goal for a world gen is like 40% water and 60% land with some a balance of hilly areas and flat areas. I would like most of the land to be covered in forest and get as little as snow as possible. Not sure if I should allow rivers to be placed or should I just disable them completely. It's not like they affect it too much and they are kinda poorly coded at the moment or at least from the looks of it they aren't all they too appealing to me at all cause it's usually well below the ground level.

    Also, do you use any size bigger than 200x200? I'm currently using 224x224 for just testing. I have a pretty beefy computer so it's no problem generating it. I haven't really gone higher then this to test if it can handle it but I am probably going to try to in the future. I feel like the world is way to small and should definitely be a lot bigger even if only a few players play on it.

  • Hello,

    I’m currently working on the next version of https://forum.play.eco/resources/lara…nerator-mod.51/
    With some inspiration by https://github.com/StrangeLoopGam…orld-Generation

    My current goal is to make the landscape more diverse and interesting than in the previous version of my mod (less flat, high waterfalls), it began to bore me after a few weeks.
    Will have reduced world height again and more sand at the beach. As there will be elevators soon, some higher plateaus shouldn’t be a problem anymore either.

    From my impression a large number of simultaneous players is more a performance problem than a large world itself. I never felt tempered to generate anything bigger than 200x200.

    I think a world with no Rivers would have no FreshWater and so it would not be properly playable.

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