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    Natural world blocks generating devise that can make dirt sand and stone from for example plant fiber.

    That is included in Creative Tools Pack, the Cardboard Box Blocks crafting station.
    If you want more I can also recommend the admin tool WorldEdit, it's chat command based, but the most powerful block editing tool we currently have for Eco.


    A eazy way to make a world with more ground depth.

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    Afaik, the most simple way at the moment to do that, open /Eco Server/Config/ and search at the beginning of the file for

      "WaterLevel": 40,
      "Height": 100,
      "Module": {

    The 100 behind Height is the overall world height, the 40 is the sea level, measured in blocks.
    E.g.: I prefer to have less high mountains but deeper ocean and ability to dig deeper, so I changed WaterLevel value to 55, now the max mountain height is 45 instead of 60 blocks and ocean/dig deep is 55.
    Changes only affect new generated worlds.


    I’m currently working on the next version of…nerator-mod.51/
    With some inspiration by…orld-Generation

    My current goal is to make the landscape more diverse and interesting than in the previous version of my mod (less flat, high waterfalls), it began to bore me after a few weeks.
    Will have reduced world height again and more sand at the beach. As there will be elevators soon, some higher plateaus shouldn’t be a problem anymore either.

    From my impression a large number of simultaneous players is more a performance problem than a large world itself. I never felt tempered to generate anything bigger than 200x200.

    I think a world with no Rivers would have no FreshWater and so it would not be properly playable.

    Lara submitted a new resource:

    [plain]Lara's Furniture & Decoration[/plain] - [plain]Furniture, ladders, water well and outdoor decoration.[/plain]

    Read more about this resource...

    Sandstone, yellowish brick and roof (to build things like pyramids, they look pretty horrible build with mortared stone).

    Extra large multi-block windows (no need for any functionality/animation, only need to work as a wall part for a room and look more special/less boring than vanilla glass).


    - Area of effect skills / items for Chopping, Digging, Axing, Harvesting, Scything etc.

    @Sataana, Kirthos Better Logging and Better Mining does that


    Hello, i really like a mod where we can use a water bucket to fill up things like a lake or a swimming pool for decoration !


    Someone turn on the well + liquid water and see what happens maybe?

    @Psycho Romeo, there is the Traditional Water Well, currently included in Creative Tools Pack v0.2.


    Would love the ability to move things like wood, stone, ores to use an inventory slot instead of the hand so that when I go out to pickup these items I can get enough of them in one go to last a little while.

    @City Builder, you can do that after using the vanilla developer chat command /creative, but it also unlocks/max all skills.


    A mod where you could craft "Property Claim Flags"

    @Balkinus, Creative Tools Pack, they are in the Cardboard Box Objects.

    A few tweaks:

    1. To easily give access to the Creative Crafting Station to all players you can change it's crafting station to the Workbench.

    "Code 1"

    File: /Eco Server/Mods/CreativeToolsv0.X/CreativeCraftingStation/CreativeCraftingStation.cs
    Class: CreativeCraftingStationRecipe

    change CreativeCraftingStationObject to WorkbenchObject:

    CraftingComponent.AddRecipe(typeof(WorkbenchObject), this);

    2. It's also possible to spawn every new player a Creative Crafting Station into their inventory on first server join.

    "Code 2"

    File (vanilla): /Eco Server/Mods/Player/PlayerDefaults.cs
    Class: PlayerDefaults

    add items like:

    return new Dictionary<Type, int>
            { typeof(PropertyClaimItem), 10 },
            { typeof(StoneAxeItem), 1 },
            { typeof(WoodenShovelItem), 1 },
            { typeof(StoneHammerItem), 1 },
            { typeof(StonePickaxeItem), 1 },
            { typeof(WorkbenchItem), 1 },
            { typeof(CreativeCraftingStationItem), 1 }, //adds the Creative Crafting Station, amount 1

    3. It's further possible to change access to the "/creative" chat command from Developer to User.
    (Remove restrictions and gives you every skill at max level.)

    "Code 3"

    File (vanilla): /Eco Server/Mods/Commands/TechTreeCommands.cs
    Class: TechTreeCommands


    [ChatCommand("Remove restrictions and gives you every skill at max level.", ChatAuthorizationLevel.User)]

    Note: 2. and 3. are vanilla files, if you change those they are likely replaced with the original files on the next big update or if you repair your installation.

    Another example:


    NoiseRange a bit higher for more distance
    NoiseFrequency a bit lower for more clumping
    But random stays random, can't change that actually.

    Stone, Copper, Gold, Iron and Coal spawns, a try to demystify.

    The "" is divided into Surface Stone (starting at line 99) and Underground Stone (starting at line 228), for both areas Copper, Iron, Gold and Coal are individually defined.

    Gold, Iron, Coal and Copper in the area Surface are subpoints of Stone at the Surface, so you can change the values of Stone at the Surface (id 10) to reduce or increase all subpoints simultaneously, including the amount of stones at the surface.

    e.g. Coal in the range Surface "$id": "11", (id 11) line 121-141

    You can have a look at the structure in the server ui, you can also change the values directly there, but I get along with the .eco files much better.

    So basically there are two areas of stone, where Noise layers of Ore and Coal are spawned upon, later spawned layers maybe partly overwrite previous layers.

    is the height range in the world where the spawn takes place, values -1.0 to 1.0 (where 0 is sea level)

    is the height of the spawn, values 0.0 to 1.0 (min should usually be 0.0, because the spawn start point is 0.0)

    the scatter/distribution of the blocks, clumping at low values, more even distribution at higher values, designated values 15.0 to 40.0 (tested values 1.0 to 10000.0)

    is the distance of the spawns, higher values lead to less spawns, values 0.0 to 1.0

    I assume that 1.0 is mostly synonymous with 100%, when changing the world size/height/sea level the spawns should all adjust automatically.

    To play around with the values I recomment to use Surface Stone (id 10), so you see changes in the world easily.
    Or set the Surface Stone to a very high ammount and then play with the Surface Coal (id 11) settings, to see what exactly it does.
    In rivers you can see easily what it does underground, best disable Underwater Distortion in your Eco clients in Advanced Settings.

    And no, I don't think it's very bugged, but very random.
    If you want things less random, have very little difference between min and max values.
    e.g. "NoiseRange": { "min": 0.5, "max": 0.6 },
    Problem here, 1.0 is likely 100%, but 100% of what exactly I don't know, can't be 100% of the map, maybe 100% of 100 blocks or 100% of the worlds overall blocks height? Even 100% of 72, 40, 60 or 80 blocks would make sense in some context.

    For your desired change you only need to modify NoiseRange and NoiseFrequency (higher values) from the above.

    3D yes, possibly, but not before the next update of the ModKit, I'm sorry.
    I'm getting only along with my previous Unity and 3d knowledge.
    Another tutorial I found useful in addition to the ceiling fan tutorial, very slightly outdated.

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