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Lara’s World Generator Mod

Lara’s World Generator Mod v0.2 (Eco v0.7.3)

No permission to download

Changes to WorldGenerator.eco:
- removed coal and iron from the surface
- massively reduced coal amount (in a previous version, I had all coal removed, but I added a bit back to ensure the worlds are properly playable)
- all resources spread a lot more seamless
- max mountain height reduced by 50%
- max ocean deep reduced by 25%
- sand beach extended by some blocks (plenty of sand to farm now and great for hunting :D)
- made the dirt layer slightly thicker
- disabled overhangs/natural caves (improves performance)
- disabled cliffs (smoother landscape)
- more islands and smaller continents

Changes to EcoSim.eco:
- made almost all plants less picky about their growing spots (increases the number of plants and trees dramatically, single player on a small world should now be able to be a gatherer only, without touching farming at all or being afraid to extinct something)
- moved around some plants to better visually fit into the landscape
- cedar trees had to face extinction, because they looked so ugly ;P
- reduced all tree maturity time to 24h

I’m not sure if this is easier or harder to play than vanilla. Plants, wood and sand are around in abundance, but it’s noticeably harder to gather iron and coal.

For more information please read the readme.html that is included in the downloaded .zip file.

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Almost the very first World generated by these Settings looks amazing. Hope there is everthing in it to play without commands.

Mein Englisch ist bescheiden.
Good mod, not too sure about the complete removal of Coal (it's still set to spawn between -1 and 0 btw, even on current version).

Other than that, awesome mod! Love it. Beautiful landscapes!

P.S. My players informed me that there a wee bit too much food but I hardly see that as a problem.
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