What are you looking most forward to in 9.0?

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  • Hello fellow Eco'ers.

    I have been all-in on looking into all the new features of 9.0. I must say, it looks downright awesome!

    Now I'm just curious what my fellow Eco'ers are looking most forward to? For me it's definitely the new government/law system. :)

  • Well im sure hyped for 9.0.
    The whole building aspect of the game is something I love, I'll go the engineer route again.

    But to be honest it all depends on the other players. The servers I've been on had no communication at all, everyone was doing their own thing.
    Im running a little server now and it's a bit better. Still no real community but we are doing some projects together and chat a lot.
    Hope the work parties will improve that.

    Serious eco players in for the long haul are a bit scarce at the moment.

  • Just saw the changelog for the Eco 9 announcement. It looks awesome =)

    Can't say much about servers and serious Eco players, as I'm very new to the community. The few servers I have played on did seems a bit .. meh.. though. One had admin be first world leader and forced laws through by admin command. Another was just too populated and pretty much destroyed at day 4 :P

    I'm planning on having a server for me and my friends on v9.0. Not sure I will open it up to the general public, though.

  • I agree on the "meh" part.
    I've just started a new world (a day before the 9.0 announcement ?). I take it as a nice chance to scout players.
    People come and go, some won't even stay a minute.

    I would love a little more admin power to really clear the world of people/names that are never coming to visit again anyway.
    Besides laws, the laws are handy for dealing with inactive players in terms of objects but it still leaves the clutter of a very long list of player names.
    (I think their names cannot be erased since V8.0 right? correct me if im wrong)

    For 9.0 I'm wondering what an ideal group size would be. Given I stick with 1km worlds for now.
    Unless I can find the ideal group of serious long-term players I'll probably go with a public server again.

  • Totally agree with what you say. It's definitely a bit destructive that players who have only been there for 5 minutes figures in graphs and economy lists, etc.
    As far as I'm aware I don't think there is a command that removes a user and all their clutter, but I might be wrong.

    My new thing is that I have joined a whitelisted server, to see if that will be better.

    I do plan on making my own server when 9.0 comes out. First with some friends, but maybe eventually opened up to the public. Maybe by whitelist.

  • Hey,

    i think every part of the upcoming update is quite exciting. And the issues with the players, you alaways have thoose with games that depend on a serious community. Ive started a server a few days ago and i mostly met cool players. Do you know if there is a way to delete these 1 time players form the citizen list ? Is this done via the users file ?

    But to get back to topic, the best part for me is ingame laws, the ui and predator animal mechanics. The new animals will add more depth to the hunting game, since controlling the population of different species becomes a must. Since the predators can overpopulate and through that extinct other species.

    Have a good one,

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