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Asphalt-ModKit - Modding Framework

8.3.X Asphalt-ModKit - Modding Framework

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Source Code
Mampf, Kronox, Kirthos

A universal framework and library for Eco Mod developers. It simplifies modding and increases the compatibility between different mods.

For Server Owners

This plugin has only a purpose for you if you use a mod that has the Asphalt MDK as a prerequisite. In that case, follow the steps underneath:
  1. Download the latest release.
  2. Unzip the archive.
  3. Copy the contents of the 'Mods' folder into the 'Mods' folder of your server.
  4. Restart your server
For Developers

Current Features:
Check out our wiki for further information.

Credits and additional information

Thanks to @quequiere and @Kirthos for their suggestions

Please give feedback and feel free to fork ;)
First release
Last update
4.53 star(s) 15 ratings

More resources from Kronox

Latest updates

  1. Asphalt MDK - Version

  2. Bugfixes

    - Fix dlldumper for latest version - Changed hook for ConsoleInputEvent. This should solve...
  3. Changed Initialization Phases

    Please check the wiki for more information...

Latest reviews

Nice, Good Job!
Doesn't work via a host
I can get it to work on a steam server setup, however when trying to use the mod on a third party server, I am getting an error with the harmony file.

[2020-04-14 11:25:44]: Failed to load server, Exception was Exception: NullReferenceException[2020-04-14 11:25:44]: Message:Object reference not set to an instance of an object[2020-04-14 11:25:44]: Source:0Harmony[2020-04-14 11:25:44]: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object[2020-04-14 11:25:44]: at Harmony.ILCopying.Memory.WriteBytes (System.Int64 memory, System.Byte[] values) [0x0000c] in <ea592bdb61774af08c3f432fec48ded1>:0[2020-04-14 11:25:44]: at Harmony.ILCopying.Memory.WriteJump (System.Int64 memory, System.Int64 destination) [0x00041] in <ea592bdb61774af08c3f432fec48ded1>:0[2020-04-14 11:25:44]: at Harmony.ILCopying.Memory.DetourMethod (System.Reflection.MethodBase original, System.Reflection.MethodBase replacement) [0x0003b] in <ea592bdb61774af08c3f432fec48ded1>:0[2020-04-14 11:25:44]: at Harmony.PatchFunctions.UpdateWrapper (System.Reflection.MethodBase original, Harmony.PatchInfo patchInfo, System.String instanceID) [0x00056] in <ea592bdb61774af08c3f432fec48ded1>:0[2020-04-14 11:25:44]: at Harmony.PatchProcessor.Patch () [0x000e4] in <ea592bdb61774af08c3f432fec48ded1>:0[2020-04-14 11:25:44]: at Harmony.HarmonyInstance.<PatchAll>b__9_0 (System.Type type) [0x0002c] in <ea592bdb61774af08c3f432fec48ded1>:0[2020-04-14 11:25:44]: at Harmony.CollectionExtensions.Do[T] (System.Collections.Generic.IEnumerable`1[T] sequence, System.Action`1[T] action) [0x0001b] in <ea592bdb61774af08c3f432fec48ded1>:0

Otherwise great mod.
good mod
Work also perfectly on
Without the mod i can get my server running, with it, i get a time-out of my connection, do i need to do additional steps of installing?, my version 0.8.30 because it is not working (placing it in a specific map?!?)
Work perfectly on !
Splendid pack in every possible way!
Realy Excellent!
This Mod Pack is very easy to install, just copy in the Mod Folder.
Perfect! Thanks a lot!
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