[Asphalt MDK] Vein Miner v.2.2.0

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Mine veins of ores or blocks from the same type within a specific radius with only one hit

[BGCOLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)] Early Alpha [/BGCOLOR]
This plugin uses the Asphalt MDK. This plugin is needed for the mod to work!

Vein Miner

Mines veins of ores or blocks from the same type within a specific radius with only one hit and afterwards dropping the respective rubble.


Tipp: Works best in conjunction with Kirthos BetterMining mod to pickup most of the rubble after mining it.

[BGCOLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]DISCLAIMER v.2.0.0[/BGCOLOR]
Since I haven't managed to get a full-blown skill working yet, this release is, like I promised some users in private messages, a temporary version where the multipliers are defined in the "tmp_config.json".
[BGCOLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)][BGCOLOR=rgb(226, 80, 65)]END DISCLAIMER[/BGCOLOR][/BGCOLOR]

Before you can use Vein Miner, you must at least have skilled to Level 1 in the Skill 'Vein Miner Range'.
Press E shortly before you mine a block while holding a Pickaxe, to activate Vein Miner for the following two seconds. This will then break all the blocks of the same material within the respective radius for the Vein Miner Range.

The Skills are located in the Mining Profession.

Vein Miner Range Skill
Level up this skill to increase the radius you vein mine. Default Values:

Level 1502
Level 21503
Level 32504

Vein Miner Efficiency Skill
Level up this skill to decrease the calorie and durability consumption, increase the the drop chance for rubble. Default Values:

Level 1500.90.90.4
Level 2750.80.750.6
Level 31000.650.550.8
Level 41500.50.31.0

Calorie Consumption: Multiplier * Tool Calorie Consumption * multiplier for broken tools

Durability Consumption: Multiplier * Tool Durability Consumption
Rubble Drop Chance: The chance for every broken rubble if it'll drop rubble or not

All of the Skill Values are configurable in the `Mods/VeinMiner/config.json` file.


/veinminer helpDisplays command help
/veinminer togglerubbleToggles whether rubble is spawned or not
/veinminer radius, <radius>Changes the radius of the VeinMiner-Ability

Credits and additional Information

Inspired by and ported from the Minecraft modification Vein Miner by Portablejim.

Resource Icon from game-icons.net by Delapouite.
Ingame Icons contain game assets provided by SLG.

Feel free to post suggestions and report bugs in the discussion feed ;)

  • Kronox answered to all my suggestions and implemented them as far as possible with the current state of knowledge. The Mod is now fully usable again and helps me a lot cleaning those oversized mines :D