[Asphalt MDK] AdvancedTeleportation - Warps, WarpSigns, Homes v.2.0.2

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Adds the ability to set global warp points, every user is able to access, personal homes and more.

This plugin uses the Asphalt MDK. This plugin is needed for the mod to work!

Commands and Features


[ICODE]/advtp help[/ICODE]Shows help-page for AdvancedTeleportation[ICODE]advtp.help
[ICODE]/advtp reload[/ICODE]Reloads all AdvancedTeleportation storages and the Permission Service[ICODE]advtp.reload
[ICODE]/advtp convertoldfiles[/ICODE] Converts old storage files to the newer file format
if there are already warps/homes existing,they do not get overwritten!


[ICODE]/warp help
Shows help-page for all warp commandwarp.helpUser
[ICODE]/setwarp <name>[/ICODE]Sets a new warp point or overrides an existing onewarp.setAdmin
[ICODE]/warp remove,<name>[/ICODE]Sets a new warp point or overrides an existing onewarp.removeAdmin
[ICODE]/warp <name>[/ICODE]Teleports you to a warp point
If for some reason a warp point has the same name as one of the subcommands([ICODE]remove[/ICODE],[ICODE]list[/ICODE]), you can reach it with [ICODE]/warp tp,<name>[/ICODE]
[ICODE]/warp list[/ICODE]Lists all existing warpswarp.listUser

The first line of the sign has to state [ICODE][WARP][/ICODE], while the next line only contains the name of the warp-point. The following lines can be used as usual.

Right ClickTeleports you to the defined warpwarp.teleport.signUser

[ICODE][WARP]<br>upstairs<br>Beam me up Scotty![/ICODE]


[ICODE]/home help[/ICODE]Shows help-page for all home commandshome.helpUser
[ICODE]/sethome [name][/ICODE]Sets your personal home to your current position
home-limit -> see 'Configuration'
[ICODE]/home [name][/ICODE][ICODE]/home [name][/ICODE] - Teleports you to your home
If for some reason a home has the same name as one of the subcommands([ICODE]remove[/ICODE],[ICODE]list[/ICODE],...), you can reach it with [ICODE]/home tp,<name>[/ICODE]
[ICODE]/home remove,<name>[/ICODE]Removes the respective homehome.removeUser
[ICODE]/home list[/ICODE]Lists all of your homeshome.listUser
[ICODE]/home setlimit,<user>,<limit>[/ICODE]Sets the personal home-limit of a userhome.setlimitAdmin
-Excludes you from the home limitationhome.ignorelimitAdmin


[ICODE]/back[/ICODE]Teleports you back to your location before your last teleportbackUser


Located: [ICODE]Mods/AdvancedTeleportation/user_settings/_default.json[/ICODE]

  • [ICODE]home-limit[/ICODE] defines how many homes every user is able to define

    • default: 5
    • use [ICODE]-1[/ICODE] to disable the limit

[INDENT]Copy the [ICODE]Kronox[/ICODE] folder from the zip-archive into your [ICODE]Mods[/ICODE] folder.[/INDENT]
[INDENT]Afterwards start the server once to create all config files.[/INDENT]

[INDENT]Updating to v.2.0.0:[/INDENT]



And of course feel free to post bugs and suggestions in the discussion section of this resource.