Mining Dynamite 1.0.0

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A mining dynamite that destroy block in a small radius with 25% chance to drop rubble

This mod add 2 items with their recipes
Gunpowder - Used to make the dynamite.
Dynamite - A dynamite that destroy block in a 3 block radius and have 25% chance to drop rubble when mining stone.

The Gunpowder is crafted using 5 Stone, 5 Sand and 2 Copper ore at the Masonry Table by Mortar Production
The Dynamite is crafted using 2 Paper, 2 Phosphate Fertilizer and 5 Gunpowder at the Machinist Table by Primitive Engineer

The dynamite active when you right click or interact with.

Warning - Make a backup before.
I can't be responsable in case of destruction of chest or stockpile full of items.
I can't be responsable too if you place many dynamite and make the server crash.

The dynamite don't destroy block when the trigger player is not authorized to interact with the block.


Available in the installation guide tab

The model is made by Kronox.
Thanks for all Eco Modding Alliance members for their ideas