BetterLogging [Asphalt MDK] 1.7.0

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New skills in logging profession

Thank everyone for the 500 downloads. It's amazing !

A mod that upgrade logging profession.
So, this mod add 3 new skills for the logging profession:
- Wood pulp cleaner: 5 levels
- Stump cleaner: 1 level
- Expert lumberer: 1 level

Expert lumberer
Cut all the tree trunk in only one hit, the logs is ready to harvest.
One level.
Skill points cost is 50.

Wood pulp cleaner
When break a wood pulp, this break other wood pulp around.
Each level increase block range by 1.
Skill points cost: 5, 7, 10, 15, 20

Stump cleaner
Just break the tree stump in one hit.
One level.

Need Wood pulp cleaner at level one minimum.
Skill points cost is 25.

Additional info
If you have any question or any idea don't hesitate to comment.
Thanks for download and test my mods.
My mods use the Asphalt modkit by Lordmampf & Kronox thanks to them.
With the Asphalt modkit my mods now don't change any base game file.

You need to install the asphalt modkit :

Open the zip file and drag the content of the Mods folder in the Server Mods folder.
Click yes, when asks to replace files.
Restart the server and play.

Icons made by Ma using Eco assets.
Thanks very much to her for theses wonderful icons.
And thanks to Gabeux that help me test and showcase my mods.