Transport pipes [Asphalt MDK] 1.3.1

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Add transport pipes to transport item from stockpile to another stockpile.

Hello everyone, I'm here to show you the mod I'm working on for more than a month now.
This is still a BETA version and may causes bug or crash.
If you got a crash, bug, or anything else you can still uninstall the mods and you should no more see any problems.
Nothing is permanent.
Hope you will love the mod like I loved making it.

If someone want to make a showcase video I will appreciate it.

[Blocked Image:]

[Blocked Image:]

Mod created and developed by Recherche team
[Blocked Image:]

There is a long credit list thank to everyone helped me doing this mods
Thanks to Jagganot for making the model.
Thanks to Crixon for making the wrench and the profession/specialty icon.
Thanks to Kronox and Lordmampf for making the Asphalt Modkit I use.
Thanks to Gabeux for the moral support
Thanks to Fish for helping me when I have some question.
Thanks to Liolilol that helped me to understand a bit more how model work in Unity and support me making the mod.
And thanks to Eco Modding Alliance and every player that will download and test my mod.
Official mod tester: