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    i will investigate this, sorry for the late reply!

    i will be releasing a new version soon with many new features and a fair few changes/bug fixes

    So some objects, glassworking table for example, only shows a white box, no actual table image? same thing with some of the windows?

    Sorry do you mean Icon or the actual object itself?

    hey guys, thanks for the bug report,
    we are working on our next big update for the pack so i won't be able to release a fix for this just yet as the next update has changed alot of code that some of the items rely on, we are hoping to get this update out soon, i apologise for the issues caused by the paintings

    Hi ebiline

    This has been confirmed as a bug and i have rolled out a hotfix for this, the glassworking table should now recognise a room
    my apologies for this

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    [plain]Modpack Update! V1.2[/plain]

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    Hey guys! love your site and think its fantastic! if the head of this establishment could email me directly in regards to your website and mod's system that would be fantastic!

    Email me here: [email protected]

    Subject: Eco-Mods Integration

    Thank you heaps! I will supply all details and reasoning for requesting the conversation Through emails! :)