TSO - Vote Rewards 1.5.0

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Give your voters somewhere to vote for your server and optionally reward them!

A vote rewards mod that integrates voting with a difference,
This mod requires users to have and integrate an account from topservers.online to their steam account. The users can then either vote from their mobile device, browser or straight from the game!

How To Vote
- Any one of your players can easily vote for your server from in-game given that they have an account that is linked to their steam account by executing the command /vote
- Any logged in user can cast their vote from their browser or mobile by navigating to your servers details page and by clicking the vote button.
Why Top Servers Online
- Top Server Online promises to brings the best user experience possible, this is why you do not see any adverts on our website, you do not see any pay to use features.
How to get an ApiKey
- When adding a server to the website, it will automatically generate a new ApIKey for your server, simply navigate to the page while logged in with the account that is owner of the server and you will see the apikey there.


- /apikey YourApiKeyHere
- /reward-exp Amount (number)

- /Reward-money Amount (Number), Currency Name

- /VoteRewards - Checks the current rewards for voting on the server

We invite you to join our discord for more info, help, and more.
Additional Doccumentation can be found here: Topservers.online

  • Version 1.5.0

    Fixed an issue where logging in would keep rewarding players

  • Version 1.4.1

    Fixed an api issue for voting

  • Version 1.4.0

    DLL Name was changed from votemod to TSOVoteMod. Make sure you delete your old dll! it will cause errors otherwise.

    Many Fixes:

    On User Login when they have voted on the website should now get their rewards,
    A good majority of the voting issues should be fixed ( you should actually get specific responses now )
    Added /topvoters command! - Returns a list of all players who have voted for the server from top too bottom!

  • Version 1.3.0

    Version 1.3.0


    You can once again set currency as a reward and the amount,
    When voting you now can get the currency set and the amount set

    Added error handling for when there are issues with communication with tso

  • Version 1.2.0 - Testing

    TSO Vote Mod updated for 9.0 - This is a testing release!

    If your vote doesn't work please wait a little and try again - still working out a few bugs,

    If a vote fails it will log it to the server console, Please be sure to report all bugs and errors for it too be fixed!

  • Version v1.1.1

  • hey have an question, i cant set money reward, i can change it but nothin happend , i can only change exp reward, when i use /voterewards it only show the exp i set, but no money

    and when my players try to use /vote nothing will happen

    maybe i do anything wrong? i install it on mod folder in my server , start in game and use /apikey , i need to do anything more?

    • hi there, there has been issues with the currency side, i am working on fixes, there is also an issue with some votes not going through all the time, i have to do a little more tweaking to get it just right

    • This should now be fixed can you please update and check again?

    • yeah thank you verry much :) now its work fine :)

  • Any way possible to get this updated to 9.0.x?