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Elixr Mods - Tailings Resmelting

8.3.X Elixr Mods - Tailings Resmelting V1

No permission to download
This is a standalone version of the Tailings Re-smelting that is bundled with the Realistic Smelting, found in this pack here: Elixr Mods

This does not require anything else to run it is a standalone pack,

should you want to use this with Elixr-Mods without realistic smelting follow this process:

Download the mod,
In the server mods folder navigate to: Eco Server\Mods\ElixrMods\EM-ConvPack
if you haven't already delete realisticsmelting.dll and tailingspack.dll
in the same folder only put in the new tailingspacknors.dll
: put in the em-core-primary.unity3d file as this will break against the default one used in the pack,

Whats Included in this pack!

ItemResultInformationGive Name
Tailings Recipe10 Tailings = 4 Slag + 10 Iron Fragments/10 Copper Fragmentsn/a
SlagByproduct From Smelting Tailings. No Use"/give Slag"
Iron Fragments100 = 1 Iron Ingotno tailings from this"/give Iron Fragments"
Copper Fragments100 = 1 Copper Ingotno tailings from this"/give Copper Fragments"

Please note! It is set on purpose that you won't get smelting skill bonus's to reduce the tailing's cost for output, only the time it takes to smelt them!

it has also been noted that when re-smelting tailings that the ground pollution spikes, this is unknown as too why but could be due to the tailings being stored in the blast furnace while smelting!
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