Allowing Old Growth Redwoods to grow/spread

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  • So I've been experimenting in my server with the Old Growth Redwoods and having them grow/spread around the server. I lowered the growth time to about 30 minutes and changed the spread rate to .1 assuming this is the parameter that enables the spreading and growth of old growth redwoods in the server. I also lowered the death rate but I made the stupid mistake of lowering the capacityperpop to 1f and well I committed a horrible genocide on my server pretty much eliminating all but 300 old growth redwoods. Until I made that mistake I seemed to be having some success having them grow from about 800 trees to about 1300 in just 2 days but I am wanting them to grow/spread faster.... Much faster. Also I tried the massplant command but for some reason it plants the trees pretty much ontop of each other is there a way to tell the command to spread out or how many trees to plant per block, it seems to ignore any other number that I put after the first i.e /massplant 100 oldgrowthredwood, 50, 50.

    Anyways I am posting in here for some help, is there something else that I might have missed that would allow them to spread/grow? Does anyone have any recommendations on what I should edit to make these tree's spread like fire?

    Maybe it is possible to make regular redwoods turn into old growth redwoods at full maturity?

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