Dedicated Server is not able to be found

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  • EDIT: Ok if I connect via the quicklink in the webfrontend I can reach the server and find it in the recent category from now on.. its ok for now but I would still be interested if there is anything I can do to circumvent that.


    Maybe someone can help me out with this.

    My local dedicated ECO Server is not able to be found online. This is what I have done:

    1. I already port forwarded the ports 3000 and 3001 to my pc where the server is running
    2. I added a windows firewall rule to allow incoming connections via these ports
    3. I did set the server to public in the server configs

    If I open the web frontend from outside my network via port 3001 - it works flawless

    If I try to find the ECO server ingame via <IPAdress>:3000 it does not show up.

    Is there anything else I can do?

    This is my network config: (ID and Passport are masked by me for this post)


    "PublicServer": true,

    "Playtime": "",

    "Password": "",

    "Description": "Eco Testserver",

    "DetailedDescription": "",

    "ServerCategory": "None",

    "IPAddress": "Any",

    "WebServerUrl": "",

    "GameServerPort": 3000,

    "WebServerPort": 3001,

    "RconServerPort": 3002,

    "RconIPAddress": "Any",

    "RconPassword": "",

    "Rate": 20,

    "DefaultSlots": -1,

    "ReservedSlots": 5,

    "ID": <myID>,

    "Passport": <myPassport>,

    "UPnPEnabled": true,

    "RelayServerAddress": ""


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