GravelZone, The Solo, co-op Lawful neutral Planet of progress 16km2

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  • Server Name :- GravelZone | Long Term | Mostly Solo peeps/Lawful Neutral | Beginner Friendly | No Meteor

    Server Description :- GravelZone is all about dropping into a big world and surviving as best as possible, all laws will be up to players, all I ask is you not attack Gears_God or House_Kitty_Mew as they are the providers of the hardware for *free* and will be ran until no user activity for a year, after which a world download will be provided or if by popular request, span back up.

    Server Location :- US, West Coast

    Language :- English

    Owner :- Gears_God & House_Kitty_Mew

    Whitelist :- No

    Current Day :- 4 (anyone can join anytime.)

    Cycle :- 0

    World Size :- 16km²

    Mods in use : autopause, beekeeping, compressed_hewn_logs, ecgfarmer, luckypickaxe, nextfood, myeleticblastfurnace, seedbarrel, shippingcontainer, t2cs, wasteincineration_crushed_coal

    IP: (will get dns working later if needed)


    Note: I can provide a handy program to check my servers stats like ram usage, per core cpu use, network usage, logging if u want to check ur past checks, and storage compacity, a program I made myself for players to check the status of my server. This is *completely optional* and should only really be needed for hardcore players.

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