Question and short feedback after two public servers

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  • Hi,
    I'd like to share a couple things as a short form of feedback. I've only picked out the "this-gets-annoying" things.
    I'm happy with the general state of the game and haven't found any real game-breakers. Definitely looking forward to future updates!
    (none of my remarks are intended to harm or offend anyone)

    1. Will we get more (admin?) power to do something about the clutter of names of people who only visit your server for a minute or so?
    Repossessing property and such can be done through laws, I get that part but a public server gets really messy by people who come and go.
    The list of names of people who are not active on the server anymore gets really long.
    (honestly on the material side of things, cleaning up tents all the time takes away the fun of the game real quick too).

    I would like an option to manually (or automatically) clean up inactive players from the roster.
    (and if im cheeky I would ask to include any leftover unremovable vehicles in that. they often create a problem)

    2. Overall I'm pretty happy with how the game runs, even with a lot of people on.
    The one glitch I keep running into (and im sure it's a common problem) is any vehicle near the water (on a bridge or on sand near the coast) sinks through,
    also glitching carts out of mines (even if left in a big open underground space). Suddenly finding carts upside down also happens.

    3. One note of concern
    I hope 9.0 will already fix this but a fair amount of "pro players" stick with a set number of skills/specialty and foods, calling everything else useless.
    Technically they are right. I just want to say I really hope the balancing makes every specialty useful and needed again.
    From what I've seen on the devblogs I have to admit I have my doubts about that.

    Other than I've only found some little unimportant things such as being teleported out of mines, giant redwoods that go flying and other fun stuff.

    Thanks guys, good luck on the further development!

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