Machinist Table Modules - Part I: The Lathe

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  • We're currently working on 3 modules for the machinist table! We'll be posting each one in 3 separate videos. Each module will unlock recipes on the machinist's table, some in combination with other modules. Mostly in machine shops, you will be creating interchangeable parts for machines, one of the most important of which is a steam engine. Later you will be able to upgrade or replace these with larger electric machine tools capable of creating parts for the biggest machines in Eco!

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  • This will be interesting although I must say as an old machinist myself that I'm not really sure about that design, would be kinda difficult to control the shape of the object if the cutting tool is underneat and not on the side like on every single lathe I could find and think of. Not sure if the aim is realism though but I would've revisited that model.

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