Eco has been on my wish list for awhile now...I have a few questions

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  • 1. Is there controller support? It's uncomfortable for me to use MKB for long periods of time. I like to use an xbox controller to play most of my PC games. (I think OSRS and SimCity are the only ones I have that I can't use a controller with).

    2. Are any servers created/hosted by the devs, or all they player-created & hosted?

    3. Is there a demo of any sort?

  • 1. No, we don't have controller support.
    2. Yes, we do have official servers.
    3. No, but you can buy it on Steam with their refund policy or on our website where you can refund it within 14 days without any game time restrictions. The only restriction that applies is that you cannot have linked the account to Steam already and you cannot have sent out invites in case you bought some.

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