ECO CTD and froze PC

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  • Greetings,

    i just came back to game after one year break and wanted to hop back in with new PC i bought meanwhile. I hosted my own server and started playing with my buddy. It didnt last for very long because after about 5 min i crashed to desktop. Then it happened again after like 20min. Last crash wasnt really a crash but it straight up froze my entire PC so i had to shut it down manually (which sucks). This really makes me worried because i can harm my rig like this if it continues and since it looks like a major issue for me i dont want to risk it. By the way i played the game on my older PC and got around 500 hours without single crash on pupulated servers. Only difference are those new components ive got (gives me ability to buff up graphics options so game looks better while getting decent frame rate). My graphics driver is up to date so i really dont know what is the issue.

    My PC specs are: i9 9900K, RTX 2080S, 32GB RAM, game is installed on NVMe disk with large enough space

    Cant seem to find any article about someone experiencing anything similar so i really hope someone can give me lead how to solve this. Thanks in advance for any tips or solutions.

  • Hi there! just after a bit of info,

    Is the server Crashing or just the game or both?

    If the server is crashing head on over to pathtoserverlocation/Dump Sort by date modified and have a look at the files there (or upload)
    Server possible locations: 1. Steam (steamapps/common/Eco Server) 2. Client on Steam(steamapps/common/Eco/Eco_Data/Server) 3. Download from slg site ( where you installed/unzipped from)

    If its the client crashing check the following files:
    In your client folder look for "Eco.gc.log" this is your gpu log, this will give you gpu errors,
    In your client folder navigate to the logs folder and have a look at these logs

    Last place to look is here:
    type %appdata% in your windows search bar then navigate to the following
    \AppData\LocalLow\Strange Loop Games\Eco\Crashes

    this should have any other logs you need to help finish diagnosing the problem!

    If you have the game on steam be sure if you have any issues with the game to always validate your files
    but also report any bugs and or issues you may find on their github here:
    you can also use that github to find other issues similar to what you may have and see what possible fix's where found

    let me know what you find :)

  • Hey, thanks for reaching out to me.

    As i said before, when it crashes it drops whole game in matter of second. I tried creating server and it crashed, then my friend created server and it still crashed the same so i dont think its server related at all.

    Also its good to mention that for about half of second before CTD happens i can see some error popping saying something about unity game engine.

    Other thing is that i found those crash logs and did some research but couldnt find anything usefull, probably because i dont know where to look. I will attach this crash file here so maybe you can take a better look.

    Other file that you are refering to, so called "Eco.gc.log" i cant seem to find anywhere.

    Anyways i tried everything simple enough worth trying. For example verifying files and reinstalling game at least two times. Nothing changed at all.

    Crash file im attaching here is from latest CTD that ive got.
    Thanks again, i hope for the best.

  • okay i want you to try something for me,

    Uninstall Eco,
    Shut Down your computer (not restart)
    Turn your computer on after 30 seconds
    Reinstall Eco, if you haven't try installing .NET Framework 3.5 which can be found here:…ework/net35-sp1
    and .NET Framework 4.5(for good measure) :
    (Restart as per required)
    Try running eco again,
    Just let the game sit on the title screen for a minute then start your world back up

    see if that helps you at all

  • I followed your steps even tho i do have NET Framework already installed.
    I managed to play for about 45 min without single crash and then quitted manually (since i dont have time now to play more) which is huge progress compared to the last 2-3 days where it let me play for 20 min at best. I cant be too sure yet as it wasnt proper play test but i will hop on with buddy tomorrow and test it even more. I will report if its actually all good or that CTD happened again.

    For now thanks for seemingly helpful advice.

  • I'm glad we have made progress!
    Sometimes a reinstall and a full cache clear on the pc can help, the error file you provided stated missing DLL files and write access errors,

    i recommended the .NET Framework install because when some games request it be installed and ask you if you want it installed it only installs a set package that game needs,

    the game reinstall was to refresh the write access and hopefully remove that error it was getting,

    Let me know how you progress with the game in the future :)

  • Well i played today with my bud to test it out but i crashed after not even 20min and it crashed the same as before. Only difference from yesterday was that i played with someone or it could just be me being lucky yesterday when i was testing it solo. I will attach fresh crash file again.

    EDIT: I tried cleaning registry and disabled any graphical improvments (nearly everything set to lowest possible) just to be sure. Game did not crash, instead whole PC froze again (as it happened once before) and i had to reboot it manually. Its good to mention that if i host server and this happens it also corrupts my save file and i cant load that world again but i dont think this is much of a lead to solve this issue. Also there is no crash file or record of "PC breakdown".

  • Im out of ideas at this point, unfortunately still not able to play at all. It looks like this issue is simply vexed. Some people gave me advice to just wait till update 9.0 drops which should have some stability improvments but i doubt its going to help me out considering i dont have GPU related problems (according to crash logs). Game gave me 500 hours of good time but it looks like my system just hates this game for some unknown reason.

  • You've probably fixed this by now but...
    A. Could be an issue with your PSU.
    B. Could be a heat issue.

    I have the same CPU & GPU. Mine was doing the same thing when I was playing some other games. Come to find out, the fans on my GPU weren't coming on automatically, and my AiO wasn't working properly. I got a couple of temp/hardware monitors and saw that I was hitting 100c within a minute of playing some games.

    I bought & installed a new 360 AiO, and used the HWM to shorten/raise my fan curves & their RPMs. My PC now idles below 30c and stays around 40-60c when in-game.

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