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Transport pipes [Asphalt MDK]

7.8.X Transport pipes [Asphalt MDK] 1.3.1

No permission to download
Gabeux, Jagganot, Crixon, Fish, Kronox & Lordmampf for making Aspahlt and all Eco Moding Alliance members
Hello everyone, I'm here to show you the mod I'm working on for more than a month now.
This is still a BETA version and may causes bug or crash.
If you got a crash, bug, or anything else you can still uninstall the mods and you should no more see any problems.
Nothing is permanent.
Hope you will love the mod like I loved making it.

If someone want to make a showcase video I will appreciate it.

Added one profession and one specialty.
Profession: Automation
Specialty: Pipes Engineer (With the linked skill book)
Added 6 new skills
3 skills in Oil drillings:
- Advanced Petrol Refining
- Advanced Petrol Refining Efficiency
- Advanced Petrol Refining Speed
3 skill in the new specialty Pipes Engineer:
- Pipes Crafting
- Pipes Crafting Efficiency
- Pipes Crafting Speed

Add 10 new items:
- Steel Wrench, crafted at Anvil with Pipes Crafting skill level 3. Tool used to config pipes.
- Wooden Wrench, crafted at Wainwright Table with Pipes Crafting skill level 2. Tool used to config pipes.
- Wooden Gear, crafted at Wainwright Table with Primitive Mechanics skill level 2. Item used to make wooden pipes and wooden wrench.
- Lubricant
, crafted at Refinery with Advanced Petrol Refining skill level 1. Only used to make electric pipes.
- Wooden transport pipe
, crafted at Wainwright table with Pipes Crafting skill level 1. Pipe for transporting items.
- Electric transport pipe, crafted at Factory with Pipes Crafting skill level 3. Pipe for transporting items (5 time faster than wooden pipe).
- Wooden to electric pipe upgrade, crafted at Assembly Line with Pipes Crafting skill level 3. Left click on a pipe/connector to upgrade it to his electric version.
- Hopper, crafted at Assembly Line with Pipes Crafting skill level 2. Hopper to drop mined block from excavator.
- Pipes engineer skill book, crafted at research station. Use to gain a Pipes engineer skill scroll.
- Pipes engineer skill scroll, gained by using a Pipes engineer skill book. Learn the specialty Pipes engineer.

You need to place transport pipes with a hammer, if you want the pipes to transport items.
When placed next to an inventory you can left click with the wrench on a pipe to change the mode (The pipe become a Connector).
If nothing happens the pipe don't detect any inventory.

Not Connected - Set to input - Set to output
For stockpile the pipes need to be placed on the bottom center of a side to work
Here all the 4 valid slots:

Each input connector move exactly one item every 5 seconds to the nearest valid output. If all the system is in electric pipe it transport 1 item per second.
The pipes need power. Mechanical power for the wooden and electric power for the electric.
If there is 1 wooden pipe connected to the system the electric pipe will act like wooden pipe.
You can change the speed and electric consumption in the config (use 0 in consumption disable the need of power) available in Mods/KirthosMods/TransportPipe/Config.json

You can press 'E' on a Connector to open the UI.
Here you can On/Off the connector without changing the mode to none.
You can write the itemId of the item you want to take (or dispose in case of output)
You can write multiple itemId separated by a comma
like this:
This will filter to take everything you get from your mining efforts.
The filter use the same system from the give command.
Warning: If you want to filter everything you need to put 'All'
Warning 2: Sometime the filter take time to react to change

The owner (Is considered owner, the player that claim the land where the connector is placed) of the input connector need to have the right to interact with the output connector.
In the same ways the owner of the output connector need to have the right to interact with the input.
If there is no owner the connector is public.
The connected storage need to be intractable from the owner of the connected connector.
You can change the auth of a specific connector in the Auth tab (Inherited by default)

If you found any bug, problems, issues or anything else you can comment on the forum page or contact me on discord Kirthos#4493.
If you have made sorting system or cool thing with the mod let me know ;)
If you have idea of what I can make for future mod or what I need to change.
Don't hesitate to leave me a message.

What I want to add to the future in this mod or other mods based on this mod:
Adding energy consumption to pipes depending on number of pipe. - Added in 1.10
New pipes with different property. - Added wooden pipe in 1.2.0
New crafting tables for making pipes.
Upgrade of the current advanced oil tree.
Upgrades for the connector to increase speed. - Added wooden pipe in 1.2.0 that change speed
Hopper for Excavator or skid steer. - Added in 1.1.0
A quarry to automatically mine resources.
A fully configurable config files. - Added the start of the config file in 1.2.0
Mod created and developed by Recherche team
There is a long credit list thank to everyone helped me doing this mods
Thanks to Jagganot for making the model.
Thanks to Crixon for making the wrench and the profession/specialty icon.
Thanks to Kronox and Lordmampf for making the Asphalt Modkit I use.
Thanks to Gabeux for the moral support
Thanks to Fish for helping me when I have some question.
Thanks to Liolilol that helped me to understand a bit more how model work in Unity and support me making the mod.
And thanks to Eco Modding Alliance and every player that will download and test my mod.
Official mod tester:
First release
Last update
4.33 star(s) 15 ratings

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Latest reviews

Broken as of 0.8xxx attempting to start server with this results in connection errors and termination of server/game.

Love the idea of this hope it gets fixed
Beste mod wirklich. macht vieles einfacher. Leider schon lange keine Updates . sollte es wieder ein Update bekommen zocke ich wieder ECO.
hello I downloaded your mod and inserted but it is not me please help
The mod is super cool but can you pleas update this to the 8.0.X thank you :)
Can you please update it to 0.8.x ??
If you just place the hopper down but dont pair it up when you restart the server you get this crash error:

Dump Time
07/22/2018 00:08:17

Exception: NullReferenceException
Message:Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Kirthos.Mods.TransportPipe.Objects.HopperObject.BlockChanged(Vector3i pos)
at System.Action`1.Invoke(T obj)
at Eco.Core.Utils.ThreadSafeAction`1.Invoke(T t)
at Eco.World.World.UpdateCachedDataUnsafe(Vector3i worldPos, Block block)
at Eco.Gameplay.Objects.WorldObject.PlaceWorldObjectBlocks()
at Eco.Gameplay.Objects.WorldObject.BeginInitialize()
at Eco.Gameplay.Objects.WorldObjectManager.<>c__DisplayClass14_0.<Eco.Core.Plugins.Interfaces.IInitializablePlugin.Initialize>b__0(KeyValuePair`2 pair)
at System.Threading.Tasks.Parallel.<>c__DisplayClass42_0`2.<PartitionerForEachWorker>b__1()
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.InnerInvokeWithArg(Task childTask)
at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.<>c__DisplayClass176_0.<ExecuteSelfReplicating>b__0(Object )


I had to modify the server save file to delete the hopper to get the server to load.
I am sorry to hear that. Thanks for the report, I will investigate this issue.
Hopper doesn't work if you use a filter at the destination even if its matches the item you are throwing in
Thank you for the report I will investigate the issue :)
The wood wrench and gears make this mod finally usable in the early game tanks a lot!!
Excellent idea! love this mod :)
Find den Mod gut , Aber ich finde das sie die Ladezeiten beim Starten von Server zu lange sind oder gibt es ein trick dabei ?
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