Chronicler 1.4.0

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Automatically record game actions and query them using ingame commands - Stop griefers and abusers!

Full documentation available on the Elixrmods docs page!


- Unzip the archive into the server root directory (where the .exe is). This will place all the files in their place automatically.

- Ensure that C++ redistributables 2012 are installed.


- See install instructions here courtesy of Nid!


There are two ways to configure Chronicler.

  1. Use the server GUI to configure to change the config parameters found under the Chronicler tab.
  2. Copy the file in /Configs and rename it and change the config parameters in that file.


Chronicler records actions as they are made in the game and the main way to interact with the plugin is via Commands. Players are only able to query commands pertaining to their own actions while admins have access to a wider array of quering commands.

See the Commands List for a full description of all available commands.


If you are having issues or want to give feedback, please make a post in the Eco World Mods section of the Modding Community Discord.


I develop and support the Eco World Mods and DiscordLink in my spare time.

If you find them useful, I'd greatly appreciate a small donation =)

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Eco World Mods

Here's a list of all the other Eco World Mods!

  • AutoPause - Automatically pauses your server when it's empty and unpauses when someone joins.
  • No More Books - Change all book recipes to only create a configurable amount of scrolls.
  • No More Scroll Claims - Allows configuration of how many land claim papers should be awarded for reading a skill scroll.


  • Developed by Monzun.
  • Feedback and testing by the staff of White Tiger.
  • Icon made by Freepik - Want to make a dedicated icon? Contact me on Discord!


  • Version 1.4.0

    * Eco 9.7.8 Compatibility

    * Fixed entries fetching the wrong items after a server restart had occurred.

    * Fixed work order events not handling item derivatives correctly.

    * Removed global subcommand aliases.

    * Clarified the "Hash Change Detected!" message.

  • Version 1.3.0

    Eco 9.7 compatibility.

  • Version 1.2.0

    --- Additions ---

    * Added tracking of work orders.

    * Added tracking of demographic changes.

    * Added command "Chron-Orders"

    * Added command "Chron-UserOrder"

    * Added command "Chron-MyOrders"

    * Added command "Chron-Civics"

    * Added command "Chron-UserCivics"

    * Added command "Chron-MyCivics"

    --- Bugfxies ---

    * Fixed the database ending up in a bad state and blocking server start if DB creation was aborted before it was completed (Thanks Nid!)

  • Version 1.1.0


    --- Additions ---

    * Added support for "all" as option for event type parameter values.

    --- Bufxies ---

    * Fixed database not being removed when a new world was created.

    * Fixed some event types using a location parameter as the last parameter instead of the intended one.

    * Fixed a crash that would occurr if the plugin was restarted between plugin initialization and server initialization completion.

    * Fixed some queries fetching more or less events than intended.

    --- Miscellaneous ---

    * Removed config option for Storage Location as it was causing soft locks when a new world was generated.

  • Version 1.0.0