NidToolbox: Server News module 1.7.3

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Contains Server News module for NidToolbox Light server tool-set. Server News can be either displayed automatically on login, or triggered at any time via command.


Server News

for NidToolbox Light

requries nid-core module available here

NEW - if you would like to have your server logo appear in the notifications area in messages that come from NidToolbox. Please join my Discord and post them in #server-logos channel.

Create displayable Server News, containing most recent updates to your server.

Support is provided as well as suggestions are accepted on my Discord here

Server News module allows:

  • This simple module allows server admins to list recent Server News on date-by-date basis.
  • News can be then displayed by the players in a pop-up window in game via a command.
  • It is possible to set the module to display the news automatically on login, and with set delay. For instant display, set delay to 1.
  • Module can be reloaded at any time, without the need of a server restart. Both message and configs are then loaded from the files.
  • Module is fully customizable, indcluding colors, formatting and font size.
  • Title of the window can be set as well, it accepts all currently available in game colors and formatting.
  • It is possible to set everything via the in-game commands but, for best results: edit both News Message and config file in the text editor, for the ease of use of all the available formatting tags.

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As any module of NidToolbox set, it requires nid-core version 1.0.3+ module, available in the main forum thread: here

How to install:

  1. Unpack .zip archive
  2. Copy nid-news.dll to Mods\NidToolbox\Modules

Settings files:

Config files are located at:

  1. Configs\Mods\NidToolbox\ServerNews.json - contains module settings.
  2. Configs\Mods\NidToolbox\NewsMessage.txt - contains news message.


    "Info1": "NidToolbox Light: Server Changelog settings.",  
    "WindowTitle": "<color=#add8e6><i>MyServer</i>™</color> <color=yellow>Server News</color>"
    "ShowOnLogin": true,  
    "DisplayDelay": 1

ShowOnLogin - when true, Server News are displayed when player logs in. Default value - false.

WindowTitle - allows setting title for the window, accepts all kinds of formatting.

DisplayDelay - when ShowOnLogin is set to true, news will be displayed after the delay timer has elapsed. Default value: 1 - Instant.

IMPORTANT: Delay timer starts when the log in request is handed to the server NOT when the player appears in the world, so account additional 6-10 seconds for the word load.


Available commands:

/help News

Displays information about all commands contained within this module.


Displays current server news.




Set Server News window title.

/news-titleset string title

/news-titleset titleString


Reload Server News message and settings from config files.




Enable or Disable on Login News window popup.

/news-onlogin bool trueFalse

/news-onlogin true/false


Set News on Login display delay.

/news-delay int seconds

/news-delay 20
  • Version 1.7.3

    Fixes a bug with notifications and messages being shown by various modules, where some of them would be ignored.

    Migrated all remaining on login events and notifications to the new system.

    Thanks for reporting the bug @Enel

  • Version 1.7.2

    Update to timers and changes made in nid-core 1.7.10.

    Updates to code for the upcoming Eco 10.

    Requires nid-core 1.7.10.

  • Version 1.7.1

    * Updated project to net7.

  • Version 1.7.0

    Compatibility with Eco 9.7

  • Version 1.6.0

    * Updated module to Eco version 9.6.0

    * Updated to net6.

    * REQUIRES: EM-Framework 3.3.0-beta2 or higher

  • Version 1.5.0

    * (RC.3) Module output filename updated to match namespace.

    * Module updated to Eco 9.5.0

    * REQUIRES: EM-Framework 3.2.0-RC.3 or higher.

  • Version 1.1.2

    Version 1.1.2

    • Compatibility patch with EM Framework 3.1.0
    • Requires EM Framework 3.1.0
  • Version 1.1

    Version 1.1

    • Migrated project to Net5.
    • Compatibility patch with Eco version 9.4
    • Implemented DisplayDelay option in settings. Default 30 seconds. This is to ensure that news popup does not overwrite MOTD info when used in conjunction.
  • Version 1.0.0

    Version 1.0.0

    Initial release.