NidToolbox Light - Modular set of server tools for Eco: IP Logger, chat logger, player manager, player reset, custom job levels and more 1.7.11

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Modular set of server tools for your favourite ecosystem simulator. It brings back the old NidToolbox plugin in more modular and manageable fashion. Fully compatible with splendid em-framework permission and group system.

NidToolbox Light

Modular set of server tools for Eco

** powered by and compatible with em-framework **

nid-core base module

For Eco 9.7

NidToolbox Light brings back the old NidToolbox plugin for previous versions of Eco, in more manageable and modular format this time around.

NEW - if you would like to have your server logo appear in the notifications area in messages that come from NidToolbox. Please join my Discord and post them in #server-logos channel.

Each module works independently, being versioned separately - with only nid-core component being required. Server admins can mix and match modules they need for their servers.

This core module allows to set time zone on your server. This is useful when your hoster does not allow this setting to be altered and you would like to specify times for other modules in your chosen timezone.

This will also show proper current time to the user. For details, please see commands section, below.

This project is a work in progress aiming to overtime bring back all of the features of old NidToolbox to Eco 9.0+. As I sadly don't have as much time to work on the project as before, modules will be released as I develop them. Your patience is appreciated <3.

Support is provided as well as suggestions are accepted on my Discord here

It is not required, but if you would like to support the development of the plugin, donations are accepted here

Core module apart from having an Update Notifier, does not do anything by itself and to get any functionality out of it, you need to download one of the available modules. Documentation and installation instructions are available at the module's page. You can find all the links below.

Currently available modules: (click the names to view)

  • Chat Logger - logging chat in realtime.
  • Laws - Adds new law clauses, improving the checking system. Provides fixes for found problems in laws and exposes buried game values and checkers.
  • Chat Tags - Create and assign chat tags to the players on your server, to clearly mark their roles and membership, whether they are an [Admin] or a [Janitor].
  • IP Logger - providing data on each logon and logout, fully customizable. Can log to server log, console, own log, or all at the same time.
  • Player Manager - contains commands useful in day-to-day player management, ability to Reset Skills, Talents and progression, set Job Level and refund specialisation points of any player on the server, geo-location and more.
  • Core - this module. Download at the top of this page.
  • Server Cleanup - Set of server clean and maintenance commands, allowing for removal of mining rubble, tree debris, stumps etc. Generates detailed report on rubble present on the server.
  • MOTD - Displays welcome message to players logging in, accepts all Eco's formatting. Stores MOTD in a text file for easy edits. Managed from command line and/or config files.
  • Server Rules and Preventables - Enables sever owner to enforce set of Server Rules. Certain actions of the players can be restricted, until they have accepted the Server ruleset.
  • Server News - News can be either displayed automatically on login, or triggered at any time via the command.
  • Timed Messages - Time-based messages can be set to trigger at certain hour, or every X minutes.

General Settings:

ServerTag - appears in various server wide messages, server to player messages and mail.

CommandFeedbackString - it is a textual string that usually appears between brackets like [NidToolbox]: "Some feedback"

ServerIconId - identifies icon within assets, either ones from NidToolbox or your own. If you don't know how to add your own icons, see the header of this page, I can help :)

Update Notifier:

Update notifier sends information when either the core module or any other installed modules has been updated.

It can send notifications to members of EM Groups as well as specific users. Users can be excluded individually as well.

Settings files:

Config files are located at Configs\Mods\NidToolbox



Plugin Management:

Settings can be changed either via in-game commands or through editing of settings configuration files. See each module page for details. Due to their nature or tasks performed, some modules may not have any configuration files.


EM Framework 3.3.1 or newer! available here.

How to install:

  1. Unpack the content of the .zip archive
  2. Copy nid-core.dll to Mods\NidToolbox
  3. Individual modules are installed into Mods\NidToolbox\Modules directory.
  4. Eco.EM.Framework must be placed in Mods\Elixr Mods\Eco.EM.Framework.dll

Available commands:

Time related:

/Timezone 1711-rcon-png

Check your Eco server timezone. This follows host server timezone, unless altered.



/ServerTime 1711-rcon-png

Check your Eco server time.



/HostTime 1711-rcon-png

Check host (physical server operating system) time.



/ListTimezones 1711-rcon-png

Displays a list of possible timezones to be set for your server.

Useful for /TimezoneForce command.



/TimezoneForce 1711-rcon-png

Forces specific timezone for Eco Server.



/help NidCore 1711-rcon-png

Displays information about all commands contained within Core Module.

/nidCore-reload 1711-rcon-png

Reloads core configuration - udpater and general settings.



/nidCore-SetFeedString 1711-rcon-png

Set CommandFeedbackString variable.

/nidCore-SetFeedString string feedbackString

/nidCore-SetFeedString someText

/nidCore-SetServerTag 1711-rcon-png

Set ServerTag variable.

/nidCore-SetServerTag string serverTag

/nidCore-SetServerTag yourTag

/nidCore-SetServerIcon 1711-rcon-png

Set ServerTag variable.

/nidCore-SetServerIcon string serverIconId

/nidCore-SetServerIcon serverIconId

/help NidUpdate 1711-rcon-png

Displays information about all commands contained within Update Notifier module.

/nidUpdate-Enable 1711-rcon-png

Enables or disables the module

/nidUpdate-Enable bool trueFalse

/nidUpdate-Enable true/false

/nidUpdate-CheckRepeat 1711-rcon-png

Enable or disable periodic update checks.

/nidUpdate-CheckRepeat bool trueFalse

/nidUpdate-CheckRepeat true/false

/nidUpdate-Inform 1711-rcon-png

Configure update notifications. Lets the user set whether the module should inform in game, send info to console or to the log file.

/nidUpdate-Inform bool informInGame, bool informInConsole, bool informInLog

/nidUpdate-Inform true, true, true

/nidUpdate-Minutes 1711-rcon-png

Sets how often should the module check for new updates (in minutes).

/nidUpdate-Minutes float minutes

/nidUpdate-Minutes 180

/nidUpdate-GrpAdd 1711-rcon-png

Add EM group to receive update notifications.

/nidUpdate-GrpAdd string groupName

/nidUpdate-GrpAdd Admin

/nidUpdate-GrpDel 1711-rcon-png

Remove EM group from receiving update notifications.

/nidUpdate-GrpDel string groupName

/nidUpdate-GrpDel Moderators

/nidUpdate-AddUser 1711-rcon-png

Adds specific user to be informed about new updates.

/nidUpdate-AddUser User Name

/nidUpdate-AddUser Nid

/nidUpdate-DelUser 1711-rcon-png

Removes specific user from new updates notifications.

/nidUpdate-DelUser User Name

/nidUpdate-DelUser Nid

/nidUpdate-HideAddUser 1711-rcon-png

Hides updates for specific users. Useful when user is a member of a EM Group that receives notifications, but wants to be excluded from them.

/nidUpdate-HideAddUser User Name

/nidUpdate-HideAddUser Nid

/nidUpdate-HideDelUser 1711-rcon-png

Unhides updates for specific users.

/nidUpdate-HideDelUser User Name

/nidUpdate-HideDelUser Nid


  • Version 1.7.11

    Fixes a bug with notifications and messages being shown by various modules, where some of them would be ignored.

    Migrated all remaining on login events and notifications to the new system.

    Thanks for reporting the bug @Enel

  • Version 1.7.10

    Changed all timers within solution to use PeriodicTimer.

    Reworked all Delays on Tasks that needed them.

  • Version 1.7.9

    HttpClient now has all the modules and their version in the user agent string.

    Default time for update check for new configurations changed for 1 hour. Your existing configs won't be altered.

    Comment added to first product in user agent string to ensure compatibility with Fail2Ban on server hosting versions data.

  • Version 1.7.8

    Fixed error where some clients checking the update availability get rejected by the webserver, because the user agent is missing in the request.

  • Version 1.7.7

    Moved version information from pastebin to own infrastructure.

    Fixed typos in some error messages.

  • Version 1.7.6

    * Adds ability to set time zone for Eco Server.

    * Displays and exposes physical server and eco server time zone (if different) in Server Console and in log.

    * New time zone related commands reside in /time namespace, to display them all, just use /time.

    * Added command /timezone - Checks your Eco server timezone. Usable by users.

    * Added command /ServerTime" - Checks the time that Eco Server respects. Usable by users.

    * Added command /HostTime" - Checks host (physical server operating system) time. Usable by admins.

    * Added command /ListTimezones" - Checks available host timezones. Names of available timezones are used by /TimezoneForce command. Usable by admins.

    * Added command /TimezoneForce" - Forces/alters specific timezone for Eco Server. Usable by admins.

    * IMPORTANT: Requires EM-Framework 3.4.5+

  • Version 1.7.5

    * Nidtoolbox will now log its information to into the main Eco log.

    * Host operating system information returned in console and log will contain more details bot for Windows and Unix systems.

    * IMPORTANT: Requires EM Framework 3.4.5+

  • Version 1.7.4

    Adds extensions methods to remove special characters from target string.

    Updated graphical assets.

  • Version 1.7.3

    Improved Member GetHashCode override.

    Added supporting methods for string manipulations.

  • Version 1.7.2

    * Updated project to net7.