NidToolbox: Chat Logger module 1.7.1

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Simple Chat module for NidToolbox Light server tool-set. It allows for real time monitoring of chat ongoing on the server. Registers the time, date and user data.


Chat Logger module

for NidToolbox Light

requries nid-core module available here

NEW - if you would like to have your server logo appear in the notifications area in messages that come from NidToolbox. Please join my Discord and post them in #server-logos channel.

Useful at any - smaller and bigger community server. Registers data about ongoing chat on the server.

Support is provided as well as suggestions are accepted on my Discord here

Chat Logger module functionality:

  • Not much to say here, simple chat logger registering chat sent events on the server and writing it to the file.


As any module of NidToolbox set, it requires nid-core version 1.0.1+ module, available in the main forum thread: here

How to install:

  1. Unpack .zip archive
  2. Copy nid-chatlogger.dll to Mods\NidToolbox\Modules

Settings files:

Config files are located at Configs\Mods\NidToolbox\ChatLogger.json

    "Info": "NidToolbox Light: Chat Logger settings.",  
    "ChatLogEnabled": true

Available commands:

/help ChatLog

Displays information about all commands contained within this module.


Enables or disables the module

/chatlog-enable bool trueFalse


/chatlog-enable true/false
  • Version 1.7.1

    * Updated project to net7.

  • Version 1.7.0

    Compatibility with Eco 9.7

  • Version 1.6.0

    * Updated module to Eco version 9.6.0

    * Updated to net6.

    * REQUIRES: EM-Framework 3.3.0-beta2 or higher

  • Version 1.5.0

    * (RC.3/4) Reverted changes meant for future server build 2291.

    * (RC.2) Module output filename updated to match namespace.

    * Module updated to Eco 9.5.0

    * REQUIRES: EM-Framework 3.2.0-RC.3 or higher.

  • Version 1.1.2

    Version 1.1.2

    • Compatibility patch with EM Framework 3.1.0
    • Requires EM Framework 3.1.0
  • Version 1.1

    Version 1.1

    • Migrated project to Net5.
    • Compatibility patch with Eco version 9.4
  • Version 1.0.1

    Version 1.0.1

    • Added requirement for nid-core module enforcement. If the module is not found or in wrong version, it will be reported to the server owner, instead of showing default net cryptic error message.
    • Improved disable and re-enable logic;
    • Migrated project to NetStandard 2.1.
  • Version 1.0.0

    Initial release.