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    Ich fände es gut, wenn die Kosten für das Skillbuch mehr in Richtung Faming gehen würden und nicht plump das selbe kostet wie jedes deiner anderen Skillbücher. Und das Glashaus evtl. was größer ist, man Pflanzen drin sieht.

    A mod that makes sense to the cook again. I play on many servers .. and I like to cook ... but since the latest version, you can also cook without skill, which then take advantage of many. Furthermore, the calorie consumption is so low that you also have less food. So I want a mod that changes this and gives the chef a sense again.

    Ich persönlich denke nein und habe leider auch das Gefühl das sie absolut nicht mit sich reden lassen. Daher suche ich nun einen anderen Server der Deine Mods hat, ganz speziell natürlich dieses


    ich liebe die Mod. Die Admins auf dem Server wo ich spiele finde sie aber zu OP, was ich absolut nicht verstehen kann, denn Du machst keine OP Mods, normalerweise. Und zwar soll man wohl ohne jegliches Potential Rohkost mit dem Gewächshaus erstellen können, kannst Du dies evtl. ändern so das die Admins von ECOStasia das Mod mit rein nehmen würden, und der der Beruf Farmer so ein wenig angenehmer wird

    Hi, kannst Du die Größe von dem Silo realistischer machen? was weis ich so, 5x5 und 10-15 hoch?

    Hi, can you make the size of the silo more realistic? what do I know, 5x5 and 10-15 high?

    A mod that allows players (or maybe just admins?) to see what everyone has learned. This could potentially reduce duplication of learning.

    That you could actaully see at the normal game.

    Nice Mod. However, I would use copper for the clay recipe as iron in ECO is already needed for many other things.

    And excuse my bad English, I can not do it and use the Google Translator.

    Sorry for my bad English, I can not and use Google Translate.

    Different types of wood: I think it would be great if someone could write a mod with which there are different types of wood. So in ECO there are currently 4 different trees, but only deliver one kind of wood. It would be great if every tree provided a kind of wood.
    Hunting Rifle: Next would be a hunting rifle, which the engineer can craft. This should of course do more damage than the bow and then also requires a skill.
    More ways to build: Wish there were more ways to build, for example, that you can rotate blocks in all axes and place them. (see Minecraft) - new materials would be great too, such as granites, marbles ...