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How do i create a new recipe and modify a certain item?


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I have 2 questions:

First is, How do i create new recipes without breaking my game? I would like to add in a charcoal recipe to my campfire so i can make charcoal from plant fibers (i know this can be done, as the main server i was playing on had a similar recipe in their campfire; instead of charcoal, it was regular coal).

My second question: Is it possible to increase the inventory space of vehicles like a wooden cart or a truck? I looked on page of this forum and saw a similar post about changing the storagechest and that he succeeded on it, but that was like a year ago. I looked in the files, and the line he changed doesnt exist in my storagechest file. I tried changing the woodencart file to increase the inventory space from 12 to 64, and increase the weight capacity, but when i loaded my game, inventory space didnt change, but the weight capacity was changed successfully.

If anyone can help, i would appreciate it.

Edit: Update to my post. It seems i managed to solve my own problem with the vehicle inventory space. I forgot that i had to pick up the vehicle and place it back down for the changes to take place. So i successfully increased the storage space of my wooden cart and truck. Unfortunately, i'm still having problems with creating new recipes.
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