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GeForce NOW?


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Hello everybody,

as you might know, some time ago Nvidia has launched a new service GeForce Now, allowing playing your owned steam games anywhere using cloud power, so you can even play AAA games on a laptop without a GPU.

As someone who loves ECO but has to spend a lots of time on hotels with his work laptop (made for working, not gaming sadly) this would be an awesome solution.

Yet ECO is not allowed on Geforce NOW - not sure why, most of my other steam games I play are available.

Anyone has an idea why ECO is not available there? Is that a problem of NVidia that they still did not add ECO as playable game or do devs need to do something to get ECO playable on geforce now?

Thanks for the info :)



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we did not prohibit them from using Eco, actually we never talked with them, so I'm assuming that Eco will not work on their systems due to the local server that uses databases.

We're not going to actively work with them either, though, as we've been talking with Google Stadia before GeForce Now was even available to provide services for educational use.
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