Harder Books (& Research) 1.0.0

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Research itself, but especially research book production becomes a grinding hell with this mod - if you play single player mode or your players only economically focused

The good news:

- Research papers only need half the resources they normally need.

The bad news:

- Basic research papers (BRP) need one additional piece of paper, advanced research papers (ARP) need ten additional pieces of paper and modern research papers (MRP) need 50 pieces of paper

- To make this even worse: ARP now need additionally two BRP from different skill trees, MRP need three ARP from different skill trees

- And make this really grindy: You don't produce research books; you produce skill scrolls. To get a book you need a huge quanity of paper, five skill scrolls of that specific skill and a skill specific upgrade - and those can, as in vanilla, only be produced by a level 7 skill masters.

To ease the pain a bit, there are some new paper related recipes in this: everyone can now produce paper. Additional wood pulp as a resource for paper from hewn logs. At last there are three new paper related recipes for paper millers.

Every recipe has it's own file - so simply delete what you don't want. (If you're also installing the "Paper, please!" mod: both share some recipes, so may have to delete unwanted recipes again.)

You can increase the pain by using also the aforementioned mod "Paper, please!" and the mod "Upgrades Enhanced".

If your players play ECO economically focused, what most likely will happen is:

10 to 20 players will produce a skill scroll of the same type on there own until (maybe!) someone manages to produce a book and start selling skill scrolls at a huge price because of the work he had with this. Because of this enormous price only a few will buy there skill scroll, while other continue to produce these skill scrolls on there own (if there even someone took the effort to produce a research book on there own). Since there's more than one skill to learn, you can watch the forests of your planet vanish.

Because of this: if your players aren't playing cooperative, don't install this mod!


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