Elixr Mods - Convenience Pack 2.3.1

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This Pack is now Obsolete, Is not Maintained and No support will be given for using this mod​

This Pack is now Obsolete, Is not Maintained and No support will be given for using this mod

  • Version 2.3.1

    Patch To remove the logpile which wasn't supposed to be released yet

    Removed due to causing issues in the world

  • Version 2.3.0

    Patch for 9.4 Before the EM 3.0 Reset Update Release

  • Version 2.1.2

    Fixed a Rare Crash Error in Regards to an Item that should not be obtainable

  • Version 2.1.1

    GreenEnergy v2.0.1

    Added Missing Recipes to the Solar Panel and Battery

    Storage v2.1.1

    Fixed auth checker on the StorageTerminal

    Storage terminal now gets stockpiles unclaimed as well

    Storage terminal will still work even if there is no stock

  • Version 2.1.0

    Conv Pack V2.1.0

    EM Storage Version 2.1.0

    Now requires EM Framework

    Added Stack Size Controller Config for altering the max stack sizes in the storage mod

    Fixed a bug where Required skill wouldn't show up for some recipes

    Fixed a bug where the Steel Shipping Contatiner couldn't be crafted

    Fixed a bug where the Farmers stand flowers didn't display properly

    Removed Requires Solid Ground component from Storage Crate

    EM TailingsReprocessing V2.1.0

    Full Rework

    All recipes now require labor

    Removed The ability to gain Fragments

    Changed Recipes to give Concentrated Ores instead of fragments

    Added A way to dry out the Wet Tailings

    Added Labor to all the recipes

    Fixed a bug where required skill wouldn't show

    Note* Fragments may be getting removed from the pack at a later date, left the fragments to bar recipe in for the time being

    EM Green Energy V2.0.0

    Added Green Energy

    Brought back Natural Gas - Is Classed as Liquid Fuel so can be used by anything that uses Liquid Fuel

    Brought back Propane Tanks - Used to store the natural gas

    Daylight Sensors for lights

    Proximity Sensors for lights

    Motion Sensors for lights

    Added Rechargable Battery for storing and outputting power

    Added New type of solar panel, puts out 250kw of power only works during the day

  • Version 2.0.0

    EM-Storage v 2.0.0:

    9.2.x Update

    - Added Kitchen Cabinet

    - Added Storage Crate

    - Added Farmers Stand

    - Added Storage Terminal

    - Increased Shipping Container Link Distance to 12 from 7

    - Increased Steel Shipping Container Link Distance to 12 from 7

    EM-TailingsReprocessing v2.0.0:

    9.2 Update

    - Removed Slag Recipe

    - Added Gold Flakes

    - Added Gold Flakes to Gold Bar Recipe

    The folder structure should be:

    EcoServerInstall/Mods/Elixr Mods/ConvPack