Tailings Reprocessing 1.3

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New balanced and realist tailings reprocessing recipes, question to reduced the amount (Not completely get rid of) of tailings you have and get some useful product from it.

Hey you, yes you!

Are you sick of being stuck with dozens or hundreds of tailing stockpiles?

What would you say if I told you that I have the solution for you! A mod that not only reduces your amount of tailing, but also reap useful resources!

You are probably thinking, well, one more of those completely broken mods, completely destroying the realistic principle of the game, with crafts turning tailing into non-polluting products ...

But no, this one is completely different. First, it is completely impossible at the start of the game to retrain your Tailing. Over time you will unlock the possibility of filtering your Tailing to try to find some useful resources.

My idea came from a lot of research into what is possible with Tailings in real life. Some companies specialize in Tailings Reprocessing. So why not apply this principle in a balanced way on Eco !!

To start recycling your Tailings, you will need a Screening Machine for Dry Tailing and a Froth Floatation Cell for Wet Taillings and a person with the Advanced Smelting 2 skill.

5 Dry Tailing, in the Screening Machine

- 1.2 sand

- 0.5 of Crushed Sandstone

- 0.3 of Iron Concentrate

- 3 of Tailing

5 Wet Tailing in the Froth Floatation Cell

- 1 of Sand

- 0.5 of Crushed Granite

- 0.3 of Iron Concentrate

- 0.12 of Copper Concentrate

- 0.08 of Gold Concentrate

- 3 from Wet Tailing

Of course the modules will not allow savings in entry into Tailings, but will allow the speed of the process to be increased which will be 2x slower than that of normal filtration.

  • Version 1.3

    Fixed the Wet Tailings Reprocessing Recipe. Before, this recipe take only 2 Wet tailing to output 3 WetTailing and all the seconds outputs. The recipe should now be good, with an input of 5 tailing and returning 3 tailings, plus the crushed stone, sand and somes concentrates.

  • Version 1.2b

    Fixed a crash with the version 1.2 due to a little missatake in the new Lv2 recipe.

  • Version 1.2a

    I forgot to change the output order for the Wet Tailings Reprocessing recipe. Just see and fixed it!

  • Version 1.2

    + Added a new (Dry) Tailings Reprocessing Lv2 recipe on the Sensor Based Belt Sorter (A lot faster recipe to reprocess your tailings!!)

    Bug Fixe and changes:

    • Ajust the craft time to be really 2x time the normal crushed ores (Not sure if Craft time have change with an update or if I set the wrong value at the start, but now it is fixed!)
      • 2 min. 24s for the Dry Tailings on the Screening Machine
      • 1 min. 36s for the Wet Tailings on the Froth Floatation Cell
      • 1 min. 36s for the Dry Tailings on the Sensor Based Belt Sorter
    • Readjust the calories cost to be the same as a normal Crushed Ore Process on the machine.
  • Version 1.1

    Little fix update, removing the Advenced Smelting XP gain when reprocessing Tailings.

  • Version 1.0.0a

    Little fix, the latest files contain a CS file how should not be in that mod (into the Mods/Objects folder).

    + Renaming TailingRecipe.cs and WetTailingRecipe.cs by TailingsReprocessing.cs and WetTailingReprocessing.cs

    If you download the 1.0.0 version, you should delete the "TailingRecipe.cs" and "WetTailingRecipe.cs" files in Mods/AutoGen/Recipe

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Nice Mod, but please Update to 9.2

    Like 1
  • Hi

    Really nice Mod but there is a little error.

    Wet Tailing Reprocessing is using 2 Tailing not 5.

    This way you get more Tailing.

    new IngredientElement(typeof(WetTailingsItem), 2, true),



    • Thank you for report this error, sorry I just saw your comment's. I just fixed this error in my end and will post rapidly a fixed for that bug.