AnimalControl - Make animals fear you again! 1.0.0

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Small plugin that makes the animal run from you instead of attacking you!

Hello folks!

A small plugin that changes some variables in the predator animals so they run instead of attacking you. Like they did in v8.

The predators are: Jaguar, Aligator, Wolf, Coyote.

They still attack other animals and kill them, but if you enter thier preception they will run.

They can still attack you if you chase them and stand really really close to them!

To add the plugin on your server:

Unzip the zip file and out the AnimalControl folder into your server Mods folder.

This is my first plugin and i'm planning on expanding it with a config file and more features.

Hope you like it!
I'm available on discord in Eco Official and Eco Modding as @Nemo - Mr Magic.