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Add your server to Continue play without ever playing it or adding it via the server list



Here we have EcoConnect, a Eco Launcher that supports both SLG and Steam versions of the game, this launcher is able to edit the in game Continue button so you private servers managed by EcoConnect will be already be in game without ever using the server list, since you don't need to poll loads of servers just to click join or connect.

I want to do much more with this, and slowly working on it,
Please report all the bugs on discord

I have to say if it was not for a few users just saying ya it's not for everyone but it sounds useful I think I wouldn't of kept this going so thanks you.

I am happy to take requests :)

To install EcoConnect.exe you place it with Eco.exe this will be in your steam folder/ steamapps/Eco for your Steam version, you will place it with you Eco.exe where ever you placed your folder for the SLG version