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  • DarkShark
    DarkShark replied to the thread Law exporter.
    I get the below when I add your mod... I assume its because its referencing an older Asphalt version? [05:25:59.112] [1] [ Info] [Eco]...
  • E
    Hallo zusammen . Wir suchen nette Mitspieler für einen neuen Eco Server mit den Namen [GER]Cryptix Gaming I Modded Server I 24/7 I 4KM2...
  • E
    eXty replied to the thread JD Electric Job.
    Weiß einer an was das liegen könnte? Weil wir würden den Mod gerne nutzen [19:28:35.778] [1] [ Info] [Eco] Failed to load server...
  • E
    eXty replied to the thread Farmers Paradise.
    Weiß einer an was das liegen kann, den wir würden gerne den Mod nutzen? [19:31:31.113] [1] [ Info] [Eco] Failed to load server...
  • P
    PeterSoica updated their status.
    массажные кресла
  • K
    koka posted the thread Law exporter in Releases.
    koka submitted a new resource: Law exporter - Allows you to export law drafts in semi-human-readable format and import them later to...
  • K
    koka created the resource 8.3.X Law exporter in Tools & Utilities.
    Usage Open "Propose a New Law" link in the game. You will see two buttons at the bottom of the page: "Export Law" and "Import Law"...
  • M
    MotionBlure reacted to Sataana's post in the thread Mod Wishlist with Like Like.
    - Area of effect skills / items for Chopping, Digging, Axing, Harvesting, Scything etc. - Locking storage to certain items / item sets -...
  • M
    MotionBlure reviewed the resource 8.3.X WorldEdit.
    5.00 star(s) Work good as of 8.3 got a question thou is there a way to import schimatics cross servers
  • Omron360
    Omron360 replied to the thread UseFul Carts.
    A only little problem is the fact that the recipe (?) don't recognize if there're ressources inside the cart's storage. If I want to...
  • Omron360
    Omron360 reacted to warlockez's post in the thread UseFul Carts with Like Like.
    I added dirt ramp to this mod, Here is what I added for your reference. public class CartDirtRampRecipe : Recipe { public...
  • Omron360
    Omron360 replied to the thread Connection Failed.
    @KaffeeBernd Hm, also es laufen definitiv Mods unter 8.3.2, jedenfalls tun sie das bei mir. Da eine solche Aussage für Dich wenig...
  • Kye
    5.00 star(s) 10/10 MUST HAVE ADMIN ADDON!! This modpack is every admins dream for functionality, it does what it states and its easy to use! Every...
  • N
    nid updated NidToolbox Server Tools: MOTD, Moderators, permission levels, announcements with a new update entry: Version 1.8.6 Read...
  • N
    This is a quick bug fix release, bigger patch with vehicles ownership control will be released in the upcoming days. Fixed bug...
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