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    I haven't seen this in game, so apologies if it's already a thing and I just missed it.

    When setting up what I want to buy, if I want logs to create hewn logs, or rocks to make crushed rock... I don't care what kind of logs/rocks people sell me.

    I still have to setup that I'm willing to buy (for example) 200 Birch Logs, 200 Cedar Logs, 200 Fir Logs, etc. I think there's like 10 types of logs or something, so if 2 or 3 people all do that, it clutters the universal-shop-window extremely fast.

    Should be able to purchase any 'log' tag, or any 'rock' tag, or any 'fruit' tag, etc.

    When you are just walking around, if you hit escape, it opens the expected screen, can go to settings, can exit the came, can resume to game, etc.

    When you are in the window of a campfire, storage chest, stockpile, masonry table, etc, (pretty much anything...) when you hit escape, it exits that window.

    When you are in the Campsite window, it opens the escape menu, and doesn't close the campsite window, so then you have to hit escape again (or 'resume game'), then hit tab to gain access to mouse, then manually close the campsite window.

    Is that by design? it annoys me every time it happens. I'm generally taking down my campsite as soon as possible, but only because this annoys me so much, so I hate accidentally clicking on it.

    You can pick up baking, or cooking, to make tier 2 foods... but you can't really utilize baking until you also get milling.

    It seems like baking essentially cost 2 Specialty points.

    Once your skill points start to slow down dramatically, it seems really hard to justify spending 2 points for what is essentially 1 skill.

    Is this by design?