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    That won't work as when you put Steam in offline mode, you need to login to your SLG account in Eco, which requires an SLG account and an internet connection.

    That's unfortunate. I have no issues cause I only play connect, but that will limit your player base. Look at how the Xbox One launch went. Requiring internet to play single player games is heavily frowned upon. My guess you're doing this for DRM purposes, but how much sales do you lose because of this? It's not like you can actually stop pirates, they always will crack it eventually.

    What happens when I'm playing on my local server and the internet goes out? Does it kick me off? Do I lose any saved data?

    It does appear better. However, my jungles have had all the plants die before this took affect. Anyone know who to respawn them without starting over? I have admin access so that's not an issue.

    Oddly enough, the mass death does not apply to farmed plants. I planted about a 100 pineapples, papaya all next to each other trying to make it overcrowded. Let it sit, zero deaths.

    Has anyone used the command to kill all plants? I didnt look to hard, not sure if there's a command to spawn them all again and see if it resolves itself?

    On my server, we have had zero issues with finding good quantities. Heck, at one point it was becoming hard to find rock and not ore. I find that just takes looking in multiple locations. Under 8.0, I had issues finding good, large quantities, yet on the public servers I saw mines where it looked like the walls were made of ore.

    Be patient. If you mine in a certain location and cannot find it, look in another location. Also, keep in mind if you're near the edge of a biome and you're mining down on an angle as most do, you can cross into another biome that does not have it. Stick to the sandstone and you should be good.

    I have had this on multiple servers. At this point I'm assuming it's a bug and will be fixed. In Rainforest, all plants died. Trees and mushrooms are fine. In grasslands, about 10 - 20%. Deserts, about 50%. Anything farmed in these areas seem to not be affected by it.

    My son and I play on our own server. Downloaded and setup new server yesterday (September 10 2020). We log on today to play, about 80% of all rain forests are dead. The grassland areas have about 10 - 20% death of all plants. Only thing we changed on server was the size, whitelisting ourselves as admins, meteor set to 999 days and skill level rate increase. Everything else is default. Is this expected? There is zero pollution, heck, I'm still just on wood no stone yet.

    I am going to back up and save the server and create a new one. I can provide more details if needed, I'm not sure what should be provided.

    PS. Played on 8.0 for about 100 days straight (we set meteor to 999). We had zero issues of plant death on that server, with the exception of pollution as expected though.