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    Spoffy, how do you get multi-word items with the ?trades command? Example: Wood Sign. If I type "?trades wood sign" I get Wood Cart. If I type "?trades wood" I get Wood Cart. If I type "?trades sign" I get one of the new hewn log signs.

    use ingame suntax, "woodcart" etc.

    Yep, thx, but coal still different generation for me, unlike other ores :(

    My problem is that I'm unable to find in the configuration files on my server WHERE to put the BotToken in for the mod to work. I have the Discord bot setup and I have the token, but I need to tell the mod the token in a config file, and I can't find it. in config folder.

    Has anyone managed to get this working on a PingPerfect server? They have an older version listed in their little "Easy install" mod list but I have no clue where to find the config for the BotToken. I've tried with the "listed" version from PingPerfect and also the with the latest version which I uploaded to the server and put in a ticket to have the DLLs extracted properly. Still no luck. Any ideas, if it's even possible? Don't know why they would list it otherwise!

    you create bot token, using discordapp bot creation.

    You best start from the original (don’t use my modded version).

    After the Perlin part is finished there are plateaus added on top of it, here you can additionally modify the RadiusRange (diameter of plateaus) and SlopeRange (height of plateaus).

    And for testing best use a small 72x72 world size, it generates a lot faster.

    Thx! Another newbie question - how make coal vein rare(more 20 block avay from other) and contain middle quantity of coal(10-20 blocks)?
    All my trying are failed, coal generation bugged? :(