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    For me, overall the walking speed is like 20% too slow, brambles and jungle makes it unbearable slow. If anything this game teaches me, it is screw nature because it gets in the way.

    I am playing with a friend on a self hosted server that is set to no collaboration on a small world, I am level 13 for context.

    Storage: Storage in this game is quite finicky, hard to find items and disorganized
    1. I would suggest having more dedicated storage options, these can only hold a certain type of object such as food, seed/fiber/fertilizer and equipment storage. These dedicated storage should be LARGER not smaller than a chest. Like i have no idea why a bookshelf or an icebox is sooooo small.
    2. Add a sort feature that puts similar items together, items with dedicated storage prefers that as well.
    3. the distances seems a bit short for how much of it you need. Make the distance a bit longer
    4. Fuel supply should be at the bottom of the list.

    Permissions & Deeds: While playing with my friend, one thing that constantly comes up is him being unable to use one of my devices, every time I place something I need to give him permission.
    1. If I grant someone to my deed, they should have access to everything inside.
    2. Have a social screen where I can globally grant people access to stuff. Like allow in house, allow everything, allow workbenches etc.

    Tool Breaking: Often while working a tool will break with little indication that it has happened.
    Put a notification on the screen saying "tool broke" when it happens

    Movement: I posted about this before but now I have more idea how the game is played...i still think there is an issue.
    1. Make it so by default we are always running, no holding down shift.
    2. Make shift a toggle and we can walk if we want or if we run low on calories.
    3. Bushes are still an issue for me, movement speed should be improved a bit.

    Ramps / mines: I started to dig a mine and wanted to have a way for my cart to get in, then i noticed that ramps are 4 long! My friend and I joked that they are almost as long as the curvature of the world and its not far off. Like I get that you can't have too steep ramps for carts but could you get away with a 3 ramp?
    1. We need some way of getting stuff out and inside the mines and if it can't be ramps then it would be nice to have an option. Minecarts, elevator shafts (like buckets for items), wench pullies that we can hold to pull up items. Something.
    2. If it can be done with carts, ramps should be shorter...

    Skill Perks: I know that you redesigned your skills not so long ago but I would like to make a suggestion. For example, mining has a level 6 perk that lets you either collect all broken pieces or not have the one large unbroken pieces.
    It would be nice to be able to get both of these, maybe even have empty skills up until level 10 where i learn the second form of this.

    Farming: I understand that the game is trying to have a complex farming system but I often find that it is overly complicated.
    1. There needs to be proper feedback on why plants are dying
    2. Temperature and moisture shouldn't fluctuate so much from one spot to the next.
    3. We need to have the soil sampler when we unlock farming because it really lets us understand stuff better.
    4. I think the crowding algorithm needs to be removed / reworked.
    5. Plants can be harvested before they are ready but there is no indication when they are 100% finished visually. It should be obvious when to harvest.

    Skill bar: At the bottom right there is an ever growing list of skills that we are getting, it might be nice to have an option to hide ones we maxed out.

    While walking around in the game I find is so annoying/slow. There are bushes everywhere that slow me down.

    Can you please for the sake of my hand cramping while holding down sprint all the time
    -just remove shift running and make the movement speed the sprint speed for everything.
    -Make it so we don't get slowed down by bushes