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    Hi, first of all, great mod BTW. That being said, I ran into an issue with this mod. Apparently the text on the back of steam truck is z-buffering and then disappears as you move further from it. I do not see such an issue with vanilla steam truck. Any idea on what might be causing this issue? For the reference, this is on Eco Server version and the mod was downloaded from site.

    EDIT: Forgot to also add that this is from uncompiled version 2.0.0.

    Good day/evening, I want to report an issue with this mod. It seem that every time I attempt to place this item, it would crash my client instantly. Well, not a true crash in a sense. More like it crashed back to the main menu, essentially kicking me out of the server (which I host, ironically).

    I should note that this is on Eco version and this mod was downloaded and installed via Browse Mods list in Eco Server console (meaning it is downloaded from, not this forum). As far as I can tell, all required files are there (ConveyorBelt.unity3d, ConveyorBeltItem.cs, ConveyorBeltObject.cs). I am attaching the crash log below.