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    Thank you, thats what i thought.

    In the tool admin utils it says "/unclaimall username" will delete all claim from a player on a world, so you dont have to search for it.

    but it doesnt seem to work, is that so? Or did i forget something?

    example: username is carl

    /unclaimall carl

    Is there anything missing?

    Thank you in advance


    What does /ownall exactly do? Description is: "Claim all property." (thats all)

    a.) Claim only the connected property of a player from the tile you are standing on?

    b.) Claim the whole world property of each and every player?

    thank you in advance

    Hello :)

    Are there game/action logs for each player?
    Is there an admin command/server file?

    Simple Example:
    There are 4 built hewnlog floors. Unclaimed.
    Next day they are gone.
    I want to see which person/player deconstructed it.

    Ist that possible?

    Thank you in advance


    I started to play eco few days ago.
    I recognized if I take an item a little trashcan symbol appears to the right of the shortcut bar.
    If I try to place that item in that trashcan to drop the item (to become a garbage pile), nothing happens.
    I also waited several seconds hovering over it, hoping it will turn green or something.

    How to do it?

    Thank you