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    thanks just before i read ur post i managed to get it in game... but now it disapears when i place itXD... but iam still hapy i can hold my object... dont know where it went wrong the first try XD. should the mesh be named TrackObject as mentioned in the script? this try i named the mesh before export from maya to unity and this time it worked:) has the not able to be placed somthing to do with these changed/initate...etc... states?

    Edit: oh yeah i used the chair.cs as somthing like a template and disabled almost everything so it wont need a room and wont have any housing value

    iam trying to get a model into my private server... i have managed to make a receipe and i get an object when i craft it but its just a white block, i think its only the script thats active and that the script isnt linked to my object. id like some help please.