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    THANK YOU, I am making a tool right now what uses the domain not IP to get the server, if the server api includes it's IP you just updates my tool thank you


    "Address": "IP",
    "GamePort": 30877,
    "WebPort": 45090,
    "Description": "Description",
    "Ping": 0,
    "OnlinePlayers": 2,
    "TotalPlayers": 2,
    "TimeSinceStart": 11790.33674666666,
    "TimeLeft": 2580209.711576574,
    "Animals": 6793,
    "Plants": 543220,
    "Laws": 1,
    "WorldSize": "2.07km²",
    "Version": " beta",
    "EconomyDesc": "0 trades, 0 contracts",
    "SkillSpecialization": "Low."

    I think it only returns IP if NAT is enabled

    "GamePort": 3000,
    "WebPort": 83,
    "Description": "#######",
    "Ping": 0,
    "OnlinePlayers": 0,
    "TotalPlayers": 4,
    "TimeSinceStart": 148772.94474379678,
    "TimeLeft": 10219227.188922646,
    "Animals": 2430,
    "Plants": 100893,
    "Laws": 1,
    "Leader": "#######",
    "WorldSize": "0.52km²",
    "Version": " beta",
    "EconomyDesc": "0 trades, 0 contracts",
    "SkillSpecialization": "Medium."

    See Address is missing, dam I wanted to use that so I didn't need to use a domain to IP service lol

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    Wood pulp chests only accept fruits and vegetables in them, therefore that's by design

    That could be made a little more known then shouldn't just be called a chest it' very confusing by many of the users, maybe call it a fruit cart or fruit chest, what is made with the more basic wood pulp maybe, also what about the version return, returning a much hire version lol.

    Hello there,
    I have the latest version of WorldEdit and am trying to install it on a public server. I do not own the server but am renting it. I am trying to figure out where to install the mod. I have tried the root file (does not work this way in multi player, but it does in single player) I have tried putting it in the mods folder (but this does not work either). Any other suggestions?
    Thank you very much :)

    It goes in {rootfolder}/Mods/
    The dll just sits in there, works find multi player for me, but depends on your host also.

    I have tested it, works fine but I just tested the wall command

    • //walls Creates a wall around the selection.

    One this is wrong in the list it should be

    • //walls <BlockID> Creates a wall around the selection.

    Also it does not put it around the section it out's it one block inside the section, so to use it the way you think it should work you need to select it it one block more then you select.

    //shift 4 up, north, or pointing the way you want it says it's done it but nothing happens nothing moves and no errors in the logs
    same with //contract

    I tested it on a live server like a fool and I had to wait for a hr for the server to rebuild the world lol but I will test it again later, but /home would kick the user out of the game, sorry I don't have the error to hand, I grab a few players and get a demo server up again and test it.

    OOooo that makes some sense, but that dont change the fact I enjoying the community and if I want to keep helping I going to have to pony the cash lol but we will see :D

    I should of seen it from that point of view lol

    How older versions are we talking about as I been able to save Schematics with server version 0.7.0 or do you mean schematics with chests or stockpiles, or have you made some changes to it what now don't work ?

    I only run the server I don't own it so I can't do much, so to be able to test it on a updated version from this point is not possible as I don't have access to it but the game is growing so I might buy in to it, I loving the mods, and it's got to the point I can't help anymore.