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    I have the idea of adjacent stockpiles, within a tier 1+ Room, all get linked together (with a limit respective to the room tier, e.g Tier 1 only four linked per room, Tier 2 8, Tier 3 16 for example, though difficult maybe even with a required space available).

    The storage GUI hides the individual stockpiles, replacing them with one large unified stockroom.
    This would greatly improve storefronts etc, as long as any stockpile is within 10m the store (or workstation etc) can access the entire storage.
    That would allow uncluttered storefronts with all stock hidden away from the road.

    I really want to look into making this a thing, but I've never modded before and I can only find making new objects when I want to add functionality to existing stockpiles.

    Ohhhh, maybe Post-Release, Spacefare could be introduced.
    Could be used for a new end game scenario to land on the moon.

    Or even a goal to unlock a new planet, maybe with greater resources after the asteroid is destroyed.
    Or being an alternative to shooting meteor is to flee the planet, those lucky enough to get a shuttle ride keep their skills on next server after meteor hits.