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    2. It would also be really cool if you could battle each other and also if monsters would come at night you could fight. A health-system and a couple of new weapons would be needed, of course. I think it would make the game much more intense and fun.

    Sounds like you just want minecraft?

    So let me know if I've got this right?
    -New Server created, Currency gets created on world gen.
    -New players (first log on) to world gets given amount of this currency
    -A seperate /command for also "creating" currency add giving it to a player (I assume admin only?)

    Yeah, all good. It'd also need a config or /command to change the name and maybe the backing (if it still has to be "backed").

    Last really nice one, would be to be able to have it link into a minted currency so later game if someone wants to have it pull the currency from the treasury instead of create it.

    Would love a mod to give currency to a player on joining, or on /command. My server often has votes for day0 spawned currencies but maintaining them is a big chore.

    Doesn't have to generate the currency, but if it can thats a plus.