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    It's a good point Kronox, by the way, i told Pam how to extract the required game files from the installer so i don't refuse to support the hoster, i just don't want to release the mod files without installer, because if you use the installer it will work also with future versions, as it modifies the vanilla files, so i do not need to update the mod every game update.

    as i said already, after you have used the installer locally there will be several .cfg files inside the aemod folder, every cfg file can be opened with notepad, inside there's a list of files modified by aemod installer, if you want to create a distribution without the installer you have to isolate that files keeping the folder structure and you will have the mod with the option you have chosen without the installer.

    this kind of installation is not supported, i will not provide any kind of support when using the mod in this way, and you will break compatibility with other mods that works on the same files as mine

    if you use the installer (for both install and check/fix) you will NOT break other mods so i strongly suggest using the installer and i don't want to release mod files publicy because if i do it everyone will use the files without the installer and people will start contact me again because of crashes/errors, stangely, since i have updated the mod with the installer i had 0 reports of crash, is this a coincidence? :)

    1 - i have no dll in my mod
    2 - as i said above you need only some folder not the entire mod folder
    3 - you can get the modded files by yourself i've wasted enough time trying to accomodate everyone, apply the installer locally get the changed files, inside aemod folder there are cfg files, inside there is the list of changed files, you can isolate them manually and get the required files by yourself.
    4 - i don't change anyone else file i only modify game files as other mods do, i only change arashi's nature collection if you don't want it to be changed just uncheck the box.
    5 - your "mod manager" is not able to do what my installer does, if you want to integrate the mod into your mod manager do it but don't blame me if there will be errors or crashes.

    you can't download the mod folder and re-upload with rented server ?
    Honestly you should allow dll inside the mod folder, it's a configuration issue on your side.

    Are you Pam from discord ? let's talk there you tell me how it works exactly and we try finding a solution

    edit: by the way, there's no need to download/upload the entire mod folder, you need to download only the following folders: autogen,items,tools and objects, and eventually the arashi nature collection folder in case you flag the option to integrate it.

    there are no dlls on the above folders and they are a bunch of Kb, quite fast.

    the installer will modify that folders, add the aemod folder and its unity file.

    the reason to use the installer is to keep compatibility with other mods, without the installer you will not be able to fully use this mod togheter with other mods that modifies the above folders, such as clay's toolkit, whovania or the Glorious Bean modpack.

    tig3rmast3r updated [plain]AE Mod[/plain] with a new update entry:

    [plain]Hotfix for Iron Waste[/plain]


    - Iron Waste was missing its recipe to convert into Iron Ingot

    Quick fix if you don't want to reinstall everything, take smeltiron.cs here (i can't upload it on this forum)
    and overwrite it inside mods/autogen/recipe (assuming you are using AE Furnitures option, else don't do it!)

    if you have "ae furnitures" option disabled no changes are needed. you can skip this update entirely.

    Read the rest of this update entry...

    nooo dll..... :(
    i have a suggestion, why not using paper ? maybe embed the profession as subskill inside paper milling so it become more valuable as nobody uses paper milling right now...
    would be great to have cs files so we can edit and adjust as we wish, do you plan to keep it closed inside the dll ?? :)

    you can't

    join me on discord let's see what i can do /wWa68HF

    i need infos

    EDIT: as i've pointed out already on both the release page and the update page, if you have a rented server you have to download the mod folder from the server to your desktop, put it inside a folder like .../eco/Mods and give the folder eco to the installer.
    process and upload it back.

    you need to do this every time you update a mod that conflicts with AEmod, like Clay's or Glorious Bean. download, check, fix (if needed) and upload it back.

    maybe i'll add ftp support next time but i'm quite noob with c# so i can't guarantee i will be able to do it... :)

    very nice idea i had the same idea to add something similar for AEmod to make more use of Paper, so it looks it's been done already, let's move to the next idea then :), maybe i'll add some pictures that will need your mod in order to be crafted

    tig3rmast3r updated [plain]AE Mod[/plain] with a new update entry:

    [plain]V1.3 with installer, 7.4.x (7.4.4 currently)[/plain]


    -removed SCTcrates integration, i will re-eneable it once the author will update it and fix the invisible placement issue.
    -removed Whovania's Mod integration, not needed anymore, the installer should done th eintegration itself (untested, will test when 7.4.x. version will be released)
    -removed pollution increase, vanilla game already increased pollution.
    -increased a bit light emission for roof lamps
    -reverted back some maths for "harder endgame" option, it now uses same...

    Read the rest of this update entry...

    Ok guys the installer works, i'm trying various combinations right now, this is how it works:

    1 - install any mod you want (most mods doesn't conflict at all with aemod, clay's toolkit conflicts just to name the most common one)
    2 - install arashi nature collection (if you want the installet to enable the option to change maths for clay & pottery skill/subskill)
    2 - assign "eco server" folder to the installer
    3 - choose options
    4 - press "process"
    5 - Profit!

    the installer will RETAIN modificatioons from other mods and will add its own ones.

    What Happens if clay's toolkit updates is mod ?

    1 - install updated mod
    2 - assign "eco server" folder to the installer
    3 - the installer recognize that you have already processed the folder, it disables all options (it keeps the option used the first time), and enables the check button
    4 - press "check", the installer will advise if some files required by aemod has been changed, if yes the fix button will be enabled
    6 - press "fix"
    7 - profit!

    What Happens if a new eco version is out ?
    if there are not radical changes to the files aemod will works even on newer versions so
    1 - assign "eco server" folder to the installer
    2 - the installer recognize that you have already processed the folder, it disables all options (it keeps the option used the first time), and enables the check button
    3 - press "check", the installer will advise if some files required by aemod has been changed, if yes the fix button will be enabled
    4 - press "fix"
    5 - profit!

    while it can be good for minor updates, i strongly suggest to start from a vanilla folder when a major update is out, i will update the installer if it will not work in the future.

    if there will be problems with the fixes you can always try starting from scratch, so vanilla mod folder, install all mods and then use aemod installer as last one.

    i'm trying some combinations, i will post those combinations so you will be sure they will work.

    this is the current program screen, probably finished, probably not :)

    EDIT: Confirmed working with Glorious Bean ModPack too!

    This is what i'm talking about (not definitive), you will have the ability to choose what to enable, i'm planning to include also some modifications from the modding community, expecially Whovania and Clay, as they work on the same files of aemod there's not other way to let them cohexists togheter, the purpouse is not to get credits for their job but to get everything working togheter without troubles, i really hope that you get my point.

    i will credit that specific option(s) for their ideas.

    the other way is to NOT include that modifications but in this way you should add aemod as last mod and hope that it will do all the required changes without breaking all the rest, there is an higher risk of error and i'm always forced to check other's changes on every update, I'm testing if it can be done btw, let's see

    The installer will check everything in the mod folder and modifies the files based on the given options, so basically it should work also with future updates as the start point can be always the vanilla mod folder, unless they will do radical changes it will work.

    It should work also if you have already other mods installed as i said, it will apply the changes without touching added code from others, but still it can modify others mods files, for example if you have a mod with a storage object with no range link defined and you have chosen to double link range, it will modify the modded storage too (assuming it's inside mod/autogen/object or mod/objects folder).

    obviously there are no guarantees that it will work in that situation, too many variables, i will not give any kind of support if the starting point is not the vanilla mod folder.

    Any suggestion to add an option for ?

    Should i include the fix for sct crates too ?

    current development state = 20%

    everything is subject to change, just checking what you think about it! :)

    honestly if you don't know how to read simple instructions and/or you are too lazy to check what you are doing when you unpack a zip probably this mod isn't for you.

    if you want to install the LAME way just pick the main content folder and unpack it inside the game MOD folder, overwriting when asked, IF IT DOESN'T ASK TO OVERWRITE YOU ARE DOING SOMETHING WRONG.

    do not install any other mod or it will conflict, do not use any other folder from the mod, only MAIN.

    sounds easier ?
    i will do an installer next release and if it's not enough i'll do a video guide, and if it's not enough well, i don't know

    for anyone having issues updating to the latest clay's toolkit (crash at loading end with no clear description of what's going on) there's a problem with clay's daily, if you have a flag planted in your world (or someone has unspent coins in his backpack? don't know what's causing the issue honestly) server will crash. To solve the issue load the server once WITHOUT claystk-daily.dll so it will remove all flags (and coins) from the world, then close the server, put the dll back in and launch it again, hope it helps.

    EDIT: I had to trash the daily log file too

    "already contains a definition" means you have doubled files check your mod folder, you create new from where ? if i pickup a virgin eco server folder and add my mod + dependecies following my guidelines it works