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    when I craft plastic which takes 2 barrels of petroleum I only get 1 barrel back

    I think this has to do with your skill level.
    If you have everything fully skilled with crafting plastic it only takes 1 barrel of petroleum!

    I do not think it is possible to make this another way unfortunately

    I just checked my files and installed the mod on a fresh version of Eco. For me, it is working fine and the server starts correctly. Are you sure you dragged the files in the correct corresponding folders as mentioned in the Installation Guide?

    If it is still not working let me know and we will find the solution.

    First of all, big thanks to @Looh & @mampf for this forum.
    For me, it was the one with the highest quality out of all and a very friendly and helpful community. Also, this is the first time I tried making mods for a game and I really enjoyed it and I will definitely continue this once I have more time!

    All in all, I think it is safe to say that you build something amazing!

    As a little goodie everyone that published a mod on this page (and has a account in good standing) until the ownership change will get access to the dev-tier benefits in regards of special forums access and github access. (If they don't already have it) I'm still checking if we can also upgrade your Eco accounts to dev tier.

    Also since I only got a normal eco tier license I am really excited to get access to the GitHub. I was wondering how this will work?

    Hi NoXid,

    I have edited my post accordingly.

    I wish I had given you a pm/notice first, but for some reason thought you had sort of abandoned the forum (don't ask why -> no reason other than last update on mod was 27.August). Anyway, besides my lifestory, thank you :D

    No worries my friend! All good. You just wanted to help the other people out and that's a good thing.

    Hello Daniel,

    I did not notice that the mod doesn't work anymore. Thank you for the information for the others in the meantime.

    However, I updated the mod again and it is working fine now. If anyone has any problems feel free to contact me via the forum or discord (NoXid#8912)

    Best Regards

    NoXid submitted a new resource:

    [plain]Compressed Resources[/plain] - [plain]Adds a hydraulic press to compress resources like dirt to save space.[/plain]

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    Thanks for this Mod but it doesent work.
    I installed the extra version but my server want start again.

    Hey! For me it works fine. Which version is the server running and what Error does it give? If you want you can add me on discord and we can write there! Username: NoXid#8912

    NoXid updated [plain]Better Barrel Recipes[/plain] with a new update entry:

    [plain]Updated to V1.1 - Now Version with Gasoline[/plain]


    Since technically you don't loose a barrel for refueling your vehicle I added to the Gasoline recipe that you get a barrel back. When refueling your vehicle in real life you also don't lose the barrel.

    For Everyone who wants just the Epoxy, Plastic and Synthetic Rubber Recipes I added the Core Version.
    For Everyone who wants the new Epoxy, Plastic,Synthetic Rubber and the Gasoline Recipes I added the Extra Version...

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