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    Hello Lara.

    First of all thanks allot for all the helpfull info.
    To respond on the Creative Tools Pack, the thing is i need some thing like that, but it has to have a cost so it would stil be survival then i would love it.
    And about the file, i dit try some settings but because i dit not want deep sea i dint try to set the water level higher.
    Seems like the only way to get the base ground level up tho, hope some day they can make it be a setting on its own.
    Aneways thanks again!

    Greatings CasualeCruel.

    Hello there!

    Although I didn't notice that when making the update, I did verify that testing right now.
    What seems to have happened is the mod author changed his item naming scheme, so items that were in storage/backpacks - i.e. items and objects that weren't placed down - that were renamed internally, were removed.
    It's an internal [dev] thing with mods, but is a good practice in the modding community to have proper naming scheme. Unfortunately, for existing mods, it does cause items to be deleted, but it's better for the future of mods (and modding, and modpacks).

    If I am aware of this sort of thing, I put a note on the update notes/changelogs so that server admins and owners can be aware and maybe work around it. Somehow I missed out on this one though.

    Thank you! :D

    Hey hey thanks for the quik reply , hope you guys dont have to mutch trouble fixing all that stuff.
    I dit notice as well that most of the JD file names changed, so good luck with all that:P

    Greatings CasualeCruel.

    Ore that regenerates after some time.
    Natural world blocks generating devise that can make dirt sand and stone from for example plant fiber.
    A eazy way to make a world with more ground depth.