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    Like I said on the eco forum no one asked you to prove a think I feel now your trying to create a problem or just call me a liar, I don't need your approval and when other people have posted in the forum and in the discord before I was blocked saying this I think you have over looked that other people MIGHT have this problem, the stop button does stop the list but at times it still lags out and crash's your 'I owned eco for years' point is mute.

    I respect you for what you have done for eco but you reply here as gone on death ears
    A: Because I never asked you to proven yourself.
    B: I never said this problem was happening for every.
    C: Your acting like if you don't see the problem it's not a bug

    I am going to ask you kindly to help or leave my project alone, but your post as no place.

    There is a little bug, the server returns the local IP for the server

    Also is the discord channel not meant to post back to the game? is the chat only one way at the moment?
    Maybe have a option in the discord settings to set meteor info on and off, and set the address manully if not set then default to that local IP

    It is a client tool yes, with a server tool maybe to boot later, I am looking in to the server list, if I could get one what worked in js so it did the online and offline check in the mini web browser I could handle a really good server list, but for now I will make it so you have your own custom server list so no polling for a public list will ever happen, and if you think your server is down I will add some sort of check option so it never polls until you want it to.

    For now, I just want to get the basic single host working and continue options working and stable, then I can add a lists, and other tools and make it look nice :)

    I spent to much time today worrying about adding the kitchen sink lol

    I need to get saving the file working again, messing with it broke it lol, detection, and back up worked fine but it backs it up as a local and then tells me it can't create it even tho it did :) I think I got statement mixed up somewhere.

    Thanks for the support I understand it will be very niche and who knows eco might fix this later I sure it's a polling problem, there is loads of ways I can implerment this, I could have it where the online websites just include a simple file a user downloads and clicks and file assosion opens up the tool and installs that, the tool could have it's own browser what could be more of a problem if eco kept changing the way the server part works.

    But this is the point of me coming here now so early on, at the moment Eco Connect is pushing direct connect via continue what means we never use the server browser at all, once you save it later on it will also then ask you if you want to run/open eco, But I am not limited to the server list, we are able to edit any of the json files created for eco, I am also looking at Unity to see how it works to see if we can imperment many more options.

    This tool as only been in a working state for about 12 hrs believe it or not, I got a basic idea working yesterday but then I had to go back and add error checking and so on.

    If I did make it more of a launcher that could A store custom servers in a list or provide a a public list, what kind of UI do I go for, I did a launcher tool for minecraft in the good old it was not the core launcher, never onces edited there core exe/java file but like I do with this one we update and tweak the files the software used.

    I enjoy your post and feed back and I believe at the moment this tool is less the niche it's more of testing tool to by pass the server list :p

    PS, where will be the best place to post it when I am ready, as I felt the resources was for unity mods(eco server/game) mods

    Thanks for the feedback! Unfortunately Twitch is a completely different API, meaning a Twitch tool would essentially need building from the ground up :( Might be another modder interested in taking it on though :)

    It was worth a ask :P I do like the idea of this, maybe we could add a few more functions for admins to maybe admin the server via discord when we are away to help out, I am not sure if it's possible but been able to kick a bad user or give skillpoints or other commands could be helpful :)

    If not still epic work and I will be installing this on our next reboot :)

    Thank you for this, any chance for one for streamers so we can chat to twitch users without a 3ed party means like a second screen, PC or tablet, if not this is still epic, I been wanting something like this.

    Hey there, a few will already know me, ClayC does, epic mods btw, anyway I am making a tool what might not be everyone's cup of tea but for some it might help, it creates the files so a user can use the continue option without ever calling the server section, a few of us have had big problems with soon as that list starts filling up it can crash or not show our fav lists since it's lagged out.

    A little quot from ClayC 'Personally, I never had any issues in the server list page.'
    This is not to pick a fight, it's to proven a point I was like this when I first got eco I was having no problems with the list, and since I was always accessing my
    server via LAN rather then remote connection, but soon as I had to stay in that list longer then a few seconds I started to see a problem and so did my wife both on Gaming Grade Laptops i7's 16 gig ram hers has a GT 900+ not sure witch version without booting it up, and mine has a GTX 1050 Ti, and if we stay in that
    section two long.

    My point is even I was guilty to rush to think there as no problem here, but there is something up there it's not optermized from what I can tell it starts polling and never stops, or can't handle what it's polling, this is just a thought since I can't see the code behind it. But I know how to debug and I know how to test things, and even at first I missed it, so I like you guys to think about .. dare I say it the N00bs lol when they don't have to deal with the server host at all, I am also
    going to include a seed option what can call a url or load a file that will create the file also for them based on preset configs so human error is not
    a factor there.

    Full reasons can be found on ECO's forum or on my discord but I would love to post here also and maybe update it, since Eco uses json files we are able to create and edit more the just the and the tool could grow, we can have it edit almost any of the eco json files, the difference we can add tho is error checking and other helping aids.

    I know many of you will already can do this manually and so can I this is how I was able to find problems we was having but you are forgetting most users that are posting about bugs have no idea what to do, just look at Eco's forum it's full of users that don't know.

    At the moment I am adding some basic stuff that I should of added when doing the first version lol but I adding error reporting back to the user at the moment.
    I would like to invite people to maybe help push the idea forward and educate everyone about including me.

    Also I am dyslexic so please don't read my posts like I am upset or angry lol I write as best as I can when I trying to get things out, if I feel your been a git I will say don't try reading it between my lines lol it means read more hateful then it really is.

    ClayC I know you might think I don't agree or respect you but I do, I love your work, don't think that, but I do ask just simply ask if we tested :) we both crossed a wire else where, I like to put that in the past, we use your mods and we love them on our servers.

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